Monday, January 7, 2008

Leroux's Links and Other Winners


Faceoff-Factor has midseason grades for your Penguins. Lets just say I'm happy I never had Mike Adams as a teacher. They also have the down low on the Lannon and Stone call ups.

Blog 'n Gold has Steelers Nation's reaction to the loss covered. I wonder what kind of legs the hatred of Arians will have.

In case you missed the game or were at the event, Empty Netters found the entire Winter Classic on youtube.

From Awful Announcing, Bill Cowher continues to expand his horizons, now offering insight into women's basketball. Was this the compromise Kaye made with Bill to allow him to be a talking head on CBS?


I'd like to give out the first annual Doubt About It NFL Picks award to Pat, who successfully probably stayed above .500 to win. I have not actually calculated the past 3 weeks or so, but barring a huge collapse, I believe Pat has it. If Marc Anthony or Wannstache wants to dispute this claim, well they can go ahead and tally everything up. For his prize, Pat gets huge helping of prideful pie and an image of a trophy with his name on it.

We also won one of the Mondesi fantasy football leagues, which entitled us to a signed piece of Pittsburgh Steelers memorabilia. We hand out images of trophies, and Mondesi hands out actual memorabilia. Says something, huh? Then again, we don't know exactly what piece of memorabilia it will be.

As long as it is not Bobby Shaw related, I'll be happy.

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