Friday, January 11, 2008

Conklin and Steroids: A Tale of Unrelated Topics

The Peguins are making things look fairly easy nowadays. Jordan Staal is getting garbage points, Ty Conklin is doing real-life impersonations of Frank Pietrangelo (the save tonight wasn't nearly as good as THE SAVE, but if you didn't immediately think of Petr Stasny getting robbed then you might wanna brush up on your Pens history), and Rob Scuderi is blocking shots like a man. Sorry, Rick. I was dying for Staal to get a Rorabaugh (an empty netter; come on folks, help me give the term some wheels...) just so he could have arguably the most illegitmiate HT of all time. Maybe it is just me, but with all the focus on the goaltending situation Crosby appears to be wheeling and dealing at a breakneck pace now - the points aren't necessarily flowing in, but each game he brings out some new voodoo stickhandling move.

Four minute penalties are killed with ease. Stick blades are breaking and boomeranging in at opposing goalies. Letang is singles-hitting pucks out of the crease in aerial fashion. Ty Conklin is undefeated.
Nothing like a hockey team getting hot.
A few quick links:
- If Therrien can't decide to bench Conklin or let Fleury play once MAF is healthy, you could always let them fight it out. My money is on Ty.
- No idea why I am linking to this, but here is a goodbye article written to Ty Conklin. By an Blue Jackets fan. Lots of pink colors involved. When you google Ty Conklin, weird stuff comes up. I thought long and hard about writing in the comments, but decided not to. That doesn't mean you can't...
- On a non-Conklin related note, Malcolm Gladwell is far too bright to waste his time writing about steroids in sports. The man writes for the New Yorker, writes best-sellers, and is insanely smart. That said, I always love when he gets wrapped up in a sports issue on his blog (one of the most thoughtful though infrequently written on blogs out there). His most recent four posts state in a very polite way: I am very bright and I don't see how to draw a line with regard to the concept of "performance enhancing". Great notion about Lasik eye surgery, and the tidbit about Patrick Kearney is both relevant and somewhat scary. Peruse and discuss here or over there.


Anonymous said...

The only bad part of Fleury coming back is that Sabu will have to be sent down, and he'll have to clear waivers first. Odds are some team grabs him.

Anonymous said...

Good article. It's funny you mention Frank Pietrangelo today because that is exactly who I was thinking of when I was mulling over last night's game in my head.

Go Pens!

Sam said...

I like Gladwell's posts. He sounds a bit conceited in his own greatness, but only a bit, and he makes sense.

Pat said...

Thanks anon. And yeah, Gladwell can definitely sound pretentious at times. But at least a guy like that can back it up.

Bethany said...

HAHA I'm not an Oiler's fan, I'm a Blue Jackets fan...but I have loved Conks since his Oilers days. Really great blog though.

Anonymous said...

"Rorabaugh" doesn't exactly roll of the tounge. It kind of just gets spit out. You might have trouble getting that one to stick.

An A for effort though!