Friday, January 25, 2008

BCS National Championship- "The Hangover Is Gone" Edition

Tiger Bait

Ok, for those who don't know... I'm a Buckeye. During my four years at Ohio State, I've never witnessed a loss to the Michigan Wolverines. That fact alone keeps me sane, and one step above Tom Brady in the collegiate ranks. Yeah Tom, Screw.... you.

But anyway onto LSU vs Ohio State.... Yeah yeah, you've all said it 1000 times, the SEC is more powerful, and has more speed than the Big Ten. I say screw that. Last year's loss to Florida should just be thrown out the window. The Buckeyes were not ready to play that game. From the O-line that played like Russ Grimm, to fat ass Troy Smith, to Ted Ginn getting raped by his teammate following the opening touchdown.

Same team?

Anyway, Ohio State was ready for LSU this year, that's no excuse. First quarter, 10-0 Ohio State...I thought we had them right where we wanted them, but no....instead Jim Tressel decided to put the ball in the hands of our quarterback, Todd Boeckman.

I'll cry about this to my grave, but if Jim Tressel was replaced by Bill Cowher after our 10 point lead, Ohio State would currently be National Champions. Instead, Mr. Tressel decided to put the ball in his QB's hands, and throw the ball rather than hand the ball off to Beanie Wells 35+ plus times. Beanie Wells will go top 3 in next year's draft by the way, if not #1. Hes a freak of nature, and he could have single handedly won Ohio State that game. Beanie had 39 carries against Michigan, a with a month off between games, 40 carries would not have been out of the question. All Steelers fans know the drill. A running game runs clock, and keeps your defense off the field. Ohio State had a good enough defense to win, if you can keep them off the field and rested.

Props to LSU though. Matt Flynn played the best game of his life. I've watched them all year on CBS (the catchy music gets me) , and I've never Flynn play so well. After our 10-0 lead, Flynn completed almost every pass he made until maybe the 3rd Quarter. I give credit where credit is due, and Flynn definitely showed me something. Brian St. Pierre and Charlie out.

So anyway, Ohio State lost. Taking a loss like that as you're sitting amongst thousands of LSU fans is by far one of life's toughest college experiences. At least when I'm cramming for a final, LSU's fight song isn't blaring down my ear. (On that note: LSU and Florida have some great fight songs, and they almost make me hate "Hang on Sloopy") . life goes on right? I'm in New Orleans, it's warm, I still live and breathe to see another day. I'm also not James Laurinaitis, Malcolm Jenkins, Kirk Barton, or Alex Boone...sooo pretty much I didn't first-hand lose the biggest game of my life, twice in two years. Just put yourself in their do you even come back to college after that? I'd turn pro just to escape the pain.

Unfortunately my hotel is on Bourbon Street, and I'm definitely going to take some serious shit on my way back. There was a lot of shit talking going on before the game, and with a victory and a night of drinking in their hands, I was ready for it all...

The cops were ready for it all too, this sniper tower could have very well saved my life.

Suprisingly, no Sniper Tower was needed.

The LSU fans took their victory like a champ. After the game, I heard "Tiger Bait" called my way once, and I heard that shit all weekend, so no big deal. I stayed out until at least 2am, and heard nothing rude, obnoxious, or demeaning. I'm starting to think I like these Tigers...

Maybe it's a Southern thing, but normally I expect so much shit talking that fights break out. I mean pretty much everyone on Bourbon street is intoxicated in some shape or form, and following a defeat, where both teams are heavily represented with fans, you could only imagine the worst. But nope, nothing.

LSU fans are all but classy in my book.

Their girls are hot...
Only in the South...
Their team is good...And their city is one of the best in the world...
Seriously...this street will be clean as a whistle tomorrow...New Orleans is one of the best.


Dave Wannstache said...

Well, it looks like you had a good time at least.

I was surprised so many Buckeyes came back for their senior seasons. Jenkins, Laurinaitis, and Boone all probably would have been 1st round picks, but they came back. OSU should be pretty loaded next year.

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

that girls has tan butt cheeks, impressive.

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

I don't know how those guys came back. I would have jumped ship, citing depression as my main reason for leaving.

Yes, that girl has the tannest butt cheeks I have ever seen....but believe me when I say this...LSU girls are HOTT! With a double 't'.

They make Ohio State girls look like Rosie O'Donnell.