Thursday, December 6, 2007

Weekend Picks

Considering the big game is upon us, I want to take this space to thank the bloggers who linked to the Roethlisberger flash game and the people who took the time to give feedback on either this site or others. Thus far the game has been viewed 21,000 times, way more than I ever expected. A new Pittsburgh sports game is in the brainstorming phase, look for it in the next couple months.

The Stache Says

Home team in caps

JACKSONVILLE (-10.5) over Carolina

The Jaguars loom as a tough matchup for the Steelers next week. Carolina got their first home win in approximately 100 years last week, but of course that was against the lowly 49ers. Now they have to go on the road to face a team that feels they should have beat the Colts last week if not for some poor officiating. Someone has to pay the price for that this week, and that would be the Panthers.

DETROIT (+11) over Dallas

Sadly, it looks like my sleeper team is not going to make the playoffs. What once began as a promising 6-2 start has become a four game freefall, and now they lost arguably their biggest playmaker on offense in Roy Williams. That said, I like double digit home dogs, even if they have to face everyone’s favorite All-American Tony Romo.

Miami (+7) over BUFFALO

This might be the week. I think the Dolphins have a legitimate chance to get their first win. If it doesn’t happen Sunday, folks, I think we’ll be looking at an 0-16 season. This game is in Buffalo, but there are too many prideful guys on that Dolphins defense for this to keep going, veterans like Jason Taylor and Keith Traylor. At the very least I think they’ll keep it close.

New York Giants (+3) over PHILADELPHIA

Initially, I thought the Giants would be favored in this game, so I was surprised when I saw the line at –3 with the Eagles as the favorite. Donovan McNabb looks like he’ll make his return, but at this point I think Eagles fans want to see what they have in rookie Kevin Kolb. Meanwhile, the Giants are coming off a stirring comeback win over the Bears. DISCLAIMER: Do not actually bet money on this game. It’s not worth it. Not with Eli Manning prominently involved (yes, I’m aware I sound like Bill Simmons. I will now poke my eyes out with a rusty, serrated knife.)

GREEN BAY (-10) over Oakland

Brett Favre looks iffy for this game, but it doesn’t matter. Aaron Rodgers showed some moxie against the Cowboys, enough not to let the 10 points discourage me from taking the Packers at home.

NEW ENGLAND (-10.5) over Pittsburgh

I’m sorry, I can’t. I can’t take the Steelers. Not when I see a Patriots defensive line consisting of Richard Seymour, Vince Wilfork, and Ty Warren and a Steelers offensive line consisting of Sean Mahan and Kendall Simmons. I’m not sure about Anthony Smith’s guarantee, either. He’s a favorite of mine, but you’ve got to just shut the fuck up and play.

TENNESSEE (+1) over San Diego

Last week Albert Haynesworth comes back, and the Titans win. They’re simply a much different team with him. They’ll focus on shutting down LaDainian Tomlinson and make Philip Rivers beat them, and I don’t think he can.

CINCINNATI (-6.5) over St. Louis

The battle of crappy defenses. This is the type of game Carson Palmer thrives on. No pressure, a terrible opponent with nothing really at stake. Look for a 350 yard, 4 TD performance, much ball-washing from the media and fantasy football enthusiasts, and numerous yawns from the city of Pittsburgh.

HOUSTON (+3) over Tampa Bay

If I knew Jeff Garcia would be starting I might lean towards the Buccaneers. Then again, the Texans may not have Matt Schaub. Basically, this game is a toss up and I’m going with the home team.

SEATTLE (-7) over Arizona

Likely no Anquan Boldin. Possibly no Larry Fitzgerald. Uh oh. This looks like a statement game for the Seahawks. Win this and they lock up the division. The Seahawks at home in a statement game, with Arizona lacking their weapons, points me towards the favorite.

SAN FRANCISCO (+8.5) over Minnesota

Lot of talk right now that the Vikings are one of the better teams in the NFC. I’m still not buying it. Adrian Peterson is fantastic, but I’m not sold on Tarvaris Jackson. Seriously, the Vikings giving almost 9 points on the road? No thanks.

NEW YORK JETS (+3.5) over Cleveland

Don’t know why, but I like the Jets. Call it a “hunch” game.

DENVER (-6.5) over Kansas City

Two mediocre AFC West teams. I’ll take the one not coached by Herm Edwards.

Indianapolis (-9) over BALTIMORE

The Ravens gave it all they had on Monday night and came up short. That was a emoralizing loss for them. I don’t think they can recover. Just nothing left in the tank.

NEW ORLEANS (-4.5) over Atlanta

Terrible game. I’m tired of writing.

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Anonymous said...


Dave Wannstache said...

Yeah, I can't pick games. Off to a flying 0-1 start.

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

Those damn old energy legs.

BobKraftsCoozie said...

Give the Pats 10.5 and they'll still win, you can give them 24 and they'll still win. Whatever.

Anyways who is this Anthony Smith... Isn't he the equipment manager or something. Mikey better tell his players to stay away from the stove, because they'll get burned.

Anyways have your moment now, because you'll all be crying come monday.

Prediction Tom Brady=God!

Anonymous said...

You'll find out who Anthony Smith is after he takes off Wes Welker's head when he goes over the middle.

Pat said...

Yes, we will all be crying because the Steelers will have 1) beaten an undefeated team that is very very good or 2) lost to an undefeated team that is very very good. Right. I don't think either result will leave anyone here crying.

And additionally, I fully believe that Sam tampered with the results of the Picks Table this week. He saw that the three of us picked the bears and, knowing that whenever the 4 of us agree on a pick that team loses, he picked accordinly.

And since I have nothing else to add and the Patriots may very well crush us this weekend....
Way to keep it in the zone, Raymond.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making everything better Pat. Go Pens!

Anonymous said...

great picks

honesty great job