Thursday, December 20, 2007

Too Much of a Good Thing

During the summer, after the Pirates are already down by 8 runs after a Zack Duke first inning, it would be nice if there were some other Pittsburgh sports going on at the same time.

It only figures that when the three winning teams in the city of Pittsburgh actually get going, the schedule makers decide it would be fun to put them all on the same night, all of them in crucial games. The Steelers play the Rams at 8:15, Pitt brings on Duke at 7:00, in a game that will cause a civil war in Pat's family, and the Penguins play the Bruins for a much needed win in the clusterf*ck that is the Eastern conference.

Look for this to be one of the crazier nights on the South Side. Many were already planning on coming out since they figured the Steelers game is only on the NFL Network (which I just found out is being carried over to KDKA), but now with the influx of those looking to have multiple TVs in order to watch all the action the bar scene should be packed. Add in the drink-your-problems-away response to the anxiety-ridden holiday season and the fact that a very long weekend is coming up, you have the perfect powder keg of Pittsburgh sports and public drunkenness.

Because Penn State inexplicably decided to make all their students come home a week later than any other college, I'm still stuck up here and really should be finishing a paper due tomorrow. So instead of actually making any observations/predictions about tonight, I'll point you in the direction of some excellent previews:

Steelers - Rams

One for the Other Thumb
Die Hard Steel
Nice Pick, Cowher

Pitt - Duke

Pitt Blather
Duke Basketball Report

Penguins - Bruins

Face-Off Factor

Enjoy the night, this doesn't happen very often.

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Pat said...

Damn, you beat me by an hour to writing this post. Figures that since you can't be here for it, you call it "Too much of a good thing", whereas I would have called it "The Greatest Day of 2008".

Sam said...

Yeah, I'm slightly bitter since I know whatever bar I go to will not have either the Pitt or Penguin game on after the Steelers start.

Not that I'm complaining...I could go to school in Ohio and have to deal with a Bengals vs whoever match up every Sunday on CBS.

Pat said...

Alright F you I'm writing a post.

Cotter said...

Gentleman - let's talk about this - what's the over under on pints consumed in Steelers-friendly watering holes across the nation tonight?

Whatever it is I'm taking the over...because I'll be drinking...

Not really money's on the UNDER because I'm drinking...3 Rolling Rock ponies and I'll be done...

Anonymous said...

My guess is about 100,000 pints, and I'll take the over

Pat said...

Considering there is a chance the Steelers could actually lose tonight and the Browns would take over the AFC North with an easy game Sunday, I think Vegas wouldn't give a line on this one. It would be too high given a loss.