Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Prelude to the 'Stache Report

When you root for a sports team, basically all you can hope for is that they give you competitive games late in the year. That is essentially what sports are all about - coming down the stretch and sitting on pins and needles to see if your team will keep giving you more games to be nervous during. In the NFL, "the stretch" is considered December, where snow can make things even more fun. Which is what today was - fun. Yeah we lost, but a great comeback on a perfectly snowy day made for quality entertainment. After going to virtually every game for ten years, I hadn't been to see the Steelers live in about two years. Definitely nice to be back for a great fourth quarter rally.

Does that mean my day was completely enjoyable? Oh my lord no. Plenty of people deserving blame today. Some random thoughts...

- I know it was cold and the Steelers were down two touchdowns...but only 57,000+ at the game? With a few thousand leaving at the end of the third quarter? Shoddy performance by Steelers Nation, I thought.

- Unfortunately, I did not meet up with the 'stache. I imagine he was much less happy with the overall experience than I was.

- No one can be happy with the offensive line. Yeah, maybe Ben needs to get rid of it quicker on occasion, but Marvel got eaten alive. He came out of the game with a back injury, so that likely explains alot. I'm sure the 'stache will have plenty more to say about the line since his seats gave him a better view of it than mine.

- Anthony Smith did some great things. He did some awful things. But Aaron Smith did no things (as in, he's hurt) and boy did it show on that side of the line. The embarassing, untouched winning touchdown went right at Smith's spot on the line. Fred Taylor flat out embarassing the Steelers all day long. Give credit to Del Rio for balancing those RBs so well. Every time Taylor came in, he seemed fresh and ready to burst through a hole.

- You could say that Larry Foote is always in the right places to make a play. Or you could say that he is just a step too slow to make any of those plays. Honestly, how many balls was he around today where he had a chance to cause a turnover and didnt?

- This is not an official stat, but I'm not sure that Allen Rossum step foot on the field in the second half. Any chance of him being back next year?

- Also an unofficial stat, but I don't think the real Steelers defense step foot on the field in the second half. Atleast I hope not. I certainly don't want our "real D" to be the one that has three possessions that go like this: 9 min TD drive, one play TD drive, game winning TD drive. The place was going NUTS after the insanity that was the Cedric Wilson bullet to Holmes, and the defense absolutely wilted.

- My favorite joke/comment to make over the next week: talking about how the Thursday game gives Jeff Reed a completely free weekend. I made jokes in reference to this about 92 times...

-...which coincidentally is the number of the Steelers best defensive player right now. He is their best tackler. Period. Every single other player on the team missed a tackle today. Perhaps Harrison did too, but he also made a ton. And played great special teams.

- Well, if somebody had to beat us...

Kidding. Looking at the standings, this game wasn't as big a showdown as some hyped it up to be. The Steelers are still in control of their destiny and by winning out over two bad teams, they will assure first round home field advantage. Yes, it would have been nice to, you know, actually beat a HALF DECENT TEAM once this year (I guess the Browns qualify), but the playoffs are all that matter. Win out, no worse than the fourth seed, and then we see what the Steelers are really made of. I'm sure Tomlin will get that message across to his players loud and clear.

I'll leave the rest to the 'stache...
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Cotter said...

Disappointments -
- Steeler fans leaving the game right before it got good. That's bush league.
- Steelers D not stopping shit. Literally, I think if Fred Taylor or MJD had thrown turds at the Defense, they would've let that through too.
- O-line letting Ben get hit 11 times, including 5 sacks. I give up on this one.

Encouragement -
- Willie averaging 7 yards per carry.
- Me averaging 2 beers every Jags possession.
- Ben orchestrating big time comeback.
- Still having a damn good shot at the playoffs!

PS - I'm pretty sure Rossum didn't set foot on the field in the 2nd half because he got f'ing ROCKED on that one return. Even still, like you implied, would it have mattered if he was out there?

Cotter said...

Wait, I'd like to move the part about me averaging 2 beers every Jags possession to Disappointments...thanks.

Jay said...

I was just glad that anthony smith was too tired after his long run to do any taunting

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...


With 12 Jaguar possessions you drank 24 beers. 12 Possessions * 2 beers.

Well done...

Unfortunately I think they stop selling beer sometime in the 4th quarter... maybe end of the 3rd, so that means you only had about 18.

Unknown said...

I'm glad someone is calling the fans out for leaving early. That was bullcrap. It is a playoff-affecting, 9-5 vs. 9-5 NFL game in December. If you don't want to stay the whole time, then give your tickets to someone that will.