Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pirate Rumors at Bay

As much as the Patriots-Steelers game excites Pittsburgh, there is nothing more tantalizing than some Pittsburgh Pirates' trade rumors. Including those involving some of your favorite Pirate personalities....well sike. We're talking about Jason Bay for the most part...does he have a personality? No.

But we do have some exciting, and hilarious, news from the Dave Littlefield camp. Yes, this article is about Nate McLouth pulling some trade interest, but please read the last possible line in that article. It is by far the funniest tidbit of information you will ever find in the TRIB.

To the Bay Rumors:

The Post-Gazette on Tuesday said a Jason Bay deal was in the works.

Today, the deal was dead.

Then the Tribune Review settled the rumor once and for all....Yes, They still publish a daily newspaper.

Oh and for the Steelers fans out there, who are strong enough not to give a shit about the Pirates, here is a Steelers' rumor for you. Verron Haynes might be coming back!!

Personally, I would be ecstatic if the Pirates pulled the trigger on a Jason Bay deal. I'd rather trade Bay before Nady. Simply put, Nady knows how to put the bat on the ball. We've all seen it first hand... Jason Bay goes to the plate with the bases loaded, and strikes out. Bay couldn't hit Ronny Paulino in the clutch if Paulino was standing on home plate...And while we're talking about Ronny Paulino, trade him too.

The only way the Pirates will get this ship turned around is if Jason Bay or Jack Wilson is traded. Don't tell me I'm wrong either, the Pirates have already tried trading everyone else. Anyway, I support Jack Wilson staying over Bay. Jack just wants it more than Bay. Let me also remind you that this is America, and I'm talking about baseball, not hockey. I completely support Canadians carrying our hockey team, but not our baseball team.

On the Verron Haynes rumors: Bring Verron back! How he didn't get picked up by another team is beyond me...

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see a Buccos post.

I agree about Bay. The teams in our position use one good player to acquire at least two really good prospects. We need to build the system.

Anonymous said...

Build a system...last time i checked we were "rebuilding" since the early '90s. Seems to me that we will never build "the system"...and believe me I hope I am dead wrong and we win the division this year.