Thursday, December 13, 2007

Leroux's Links

The last time we had a link dump Mark Recchi was still "just in a slump." Time for a new one.

-Pittsburgh moms are the best. [One For the Other Thumb]

-Tec over at PSaMP puts the Patriots fans in their place. [Pittsburgh Sports and Miniponies]

-The Pensblog is having a Ben Eager photoshop extravaganza. My entry has already been submitted. [The Pensblog]

-A search of Jaguars' blogs came up with this dead site: Jaguars Nation. Great last post.

-During the long baseball season, one becomes accustomed to the great work done by Dejan Kovacevik over at the PG and may not fully appreciate it. Best writer at the Post-Gazette.

-Roger Clemens looks like he'll be named in the Mitchell Report. [Brahsome]

-Preview of the Steelers huge match up against the Jags. [Behind the Steel Curtain]

In other news, I've contacted Don Yee, Tom Brady's agent, about setting up the boxing match. Surprisingly, I have yet to hear a reply.

I'm leaving the logo up for the rest of the week, then its time to move on. Photoshop ideas welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Del Rio is a joke

tecmo said...

In all fairness to the Jags blog, here is the Steelers blog they link to.

last post...July 30th.

Still better than the Jax one, though

Cotter said...

Still, 10 bucks says the Jags blog has a higher Authority than One For The Other Thumb...god damn algorithms.