Thursday, December 13, 2007

It all makes sense now...

Kevin Young, possibly 'roid raging

Part of the blame we've been placing on the Pirates inept management can finally be lifted. According to George Mitchell's report, nine former Pirates had received steroids or HGH. And out of the nine, only two, Kevin Young and Tim Laker, were actually taking them while with the Pirates.

The full list [Post-Gazette]:

Kevin Young
Denny Neagle
Jason Christiansen
Tim Laker
Ron Villone
Josias Manzanillo
Jose Guillen
Barry Bonds

All MLB Players

It seems that not only were the Pirates at an economic and front office disadvantage for the past 15 years, but were also downtrodden due to a chemical imbalance in the league. How are we supposed to compete in this league when we're getting the worst picks out of the superhuman players?
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Another interesting tidbit from today. Deadspin released a list of players that was circulating around the internets this morning, but wasn't entirely accurate. Looked fairly legit, until I saw Abraham Nunez on the list.

Picks for tonight: Everyone is going with Houston at +2. You know what that means...

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tecmo said...

I counted Jose Guillen as well.

I'm not sure why the P-G doesn't as well.

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

Man could Kevin Young pound that hanging curve ball...

And Tim Laker....who the ass-hat is he?

Sam said...

Nice catch, I'm updating it now.

tecmo said...

Oh...and Will's list from earlier today also included former Pirate and Expo Wil Cordero. I knew some shit was messed up when I saw that.