Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Harrison Gets Team MVP

So, James Harrison is your 2007 Steelers MVP, as voted on by the players. Some people are very, VERY upset by this. I myself think that Roethlisberger was much more valuable to the team than Harrison, but I'm a little more concerned about, oh, you know, the playoffs. As we all should be.

A certain local sports talk show host (name not needed, you'll be able to guess soon enough), is irate that this happened and claims that it is an undeniable (yes, undeniable...his words, not mine) manifestation of black players on the Steelers refusing to vote a white quarterback as their team MVP. Yup. You read that right. Black players wouldn't vote for Ben apparently. I wouldn't have believed it either if I hadn't heard it on the radio this afternoon.

Several obvious responses to those of you who may agree with his line of thinking:
- It is a stupid team MVP award. Who gives a crap. It's a popularity contest. Maybe Ben isn't well liked. Big deal.
- Maybe...just maybe...offensive guys vote for offensive guys and etc. Under this line of thinking, Willie and Ben would have likely shared some votes on the offensive side of the ball, whereas Harrison was a more clear choice on the defensive side of the ball.
- The whole "HOW CAN A LINEBACKER POSSIBLY WIN OVER A QB EVERY YEAR?!?!?" line of thinking is stupid. Why not just give it to the QB every year, then? He touches the ball the most, he is the most valuable. He is paid the most. Duh. Of course he is, in theory, the most valuable. But there are obviously other intangible factors at play that the players take into consideration. What are they? I write on a blog. I don't know.

I think Ben deserved the award. But it doesn't matter. Does it matter that he hasn't won a team MVP yet? No. Is it idiotic for media members to bring up racism as a team pushes towards the playoffs? I'll let you all decide for yourselves. The bottom line is that it's playoff time and there are better things to talk about than how an NFL team is "supposedly" going all Remember the Titans on us (the first half of the movie, at least).
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Sam said...

Not only was he clearly the best defensive player, he often held that special teams unit together. So not only are you getting the defense voting for him, but also all the special teams and back up players who practiced and interacted more with him.

When the media votes on who the Steelers' MVP is this year, if they even do so, they'll undoubtedly pick Ben because he has carried this team. But when the players, who practice hard everyday and see a guy busting his ass for two units, replacing one of the most beloved linebackers in franchise history, and doing a superb job in his own style, I don't think it is all that surprising or wrong. MVP to players is a lot different than MVP to large radio hosts.

Dave Wannstache said...

It's obvious to me that Verron Haynes should be the team MVP.

You won't be laughing after he rushes for 300 yards on Sunday.

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

In a wrestling match, James Harrison vs Ben Roethilisberger...James Harrison wins by body slam every time.

Not to mention, do you remember when he jacked up Ed Reed on that punt return? I've never seen a ball fly oh so high in the air.


Cotter said...

what? no love for Steely McBeam?

Anonymous said...

You want me to get up on the table and dance for you? Shine your shoes? Smile atchu? Damn, they may as well call it white jack. ~ James Harrison's response to double M's racist theory