Sunday, December 9, 2007

Game On

We don't post on Sundays. But is there honestly something else you are thinking about other than 4:15pm? Well, ok maybe one thing. Maybe how the Pens just beasted a Western Canada swing and Kris Letang is turning into that "we're just one or two good defensemen away" type of gap-filler.

But for today, everything is all about Steelers vs. Patriots. Could we get crushed? Absolutely. Were we slated as two touchdown underdogs at the beginning of the week? Yes sir. But for one rare Sunday, it seems as if Steelers nation has swelled to proportions that dwarf even the outpuring of yellow towels seen at XL. EVERYBODY wants us to win this game. A non-Steelers fan said to me yesterday "Hey, you think your Harrison guy could hurt Brady? I mean, I really only saw him play on that one Monday night, but I think he could do it."

The 'stache pointed out last week that winning this week in Foxboro essentially means we have to win there twice this year if we want to go to the Super Bowl. Fair point. But while winning the Super Bowl is the most obvious goal of any team, certain wins almost feel just as good sometimes. Consider last season's year-ending Bengals victory. Seeing Santonio dash down the sideline...knocking the Bengals from the was as good a feeling as you would get from a football game where little real value was at stake. Imagine ending the Patriots streak and raising a big middle-finger to the entire upper-right side of the country, to say to all those Bill-Simmons-worshipping-bandwagon-joiners "hey, you think you are giving the finger to the league by running up the score? Better make sure you can stop the run first." I bet that would feel as good as the Bengals win and better.

In truth, I just want to see the Steelers hang. I want to see from them that, if we meet up again in January, the Steelers can hang with the Pats. I just dont want to turn off the TV today thinking "well, we stood no shot today and we won't in January either". Which, hey, might be the case. They are clearly the best team in the league. One of the best teams ever.

Which is why today feels so much bigger than early December.
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