Monday, December 3, 2007

An Entertaining Weekend

A rather cheerful Pittsburgh sports weekend. Some quick Sunday night thoughts...

Frame it in your minds, folks, cause it doesn't get any more telling than this: Hines Ward breaks the Steelers franchise TD-receiving mark on a night that Chad Johnson willingly goes out of bounds three yards short of the first down on 4th and end game. Chad's mishap was maybe my favorite NFL moment of the past five years. I can't say enough about how much that play thrilled me. And apparently John Madden can't say enough about Alan Faneca. My Lord, what is it that John Madden has for veteran NFL players with beards from the Gulf Coast? (see: Faneca and Favre).

Dumb Bungles penalties, slow nights from TJ and Chad, overthrows from Carson Palmer, Anthony Smith laying hits and bumps in excess...sounds like a normal Steelers-Bengals game nowadays. I have never really gotten into the whole Ben is better than Carson debate, but I think it is safe to say Carson is falling behind a little in that contest. I can't wait for his first big-game win, when Bengals fans will cite how Carson-haters were wrong all along. Newsflash: his next clutch, pressure cooker win will probably be his first.

Oh, and did we talk about all the injured players that the Steelers were without tonight? Ah whatever, I don't want to pile on...

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Pitt beats WVU
A good weekend for Wannstedt. Contract extension followed by the biggest win of his college coaching career. I watched the game in a bar full of Ohio State fans and I don't think I have ever been around such a Pitt-Lovefest. Monster game from Shady and from the D. If only a few of those quirky games had gone the other way this year, Pitt is looking at a pretty good year. Then again, quirky games are normally lost by teams that don't deserve to win them.

Pens go 1-1
Nice win over the surging Stars on Friday after a long layover. Not so much against the Leafs last night. Busy few days coming up for the Pens. The Atlantic is a pile-up right now and a win streak would do some quick damage in the standings.

The 'stache was at the Steelers game tonight so he should have some interesting comments soon....
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Unknown said...

I know Madden can be thought of as an idiot and the guy from Frank TV does a great impression, but he's grown on me over the years. Honestly, I think him and Michaels are the best commentators around. Plus, I freakin' hate Jaws.

Anonymous said...

Madden did fix Ahman Green's fumbling problem. Maybe Willie should listen to him.

I don't mind Madden, but both him and Michaels never seem excited unless it is an absolutely superb game. Perk up guys.

My dream booth would be Pam Ward and Emmitt Smith. The witty commentary and spot on play by play would provide hours of entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Alright so this is my first comment on this prestigious blog. Having been present for the first ever "Night Out with", I thought it was about time I started leaving comments here and there.

All things considered the Steelers looked good last night, albeit some slippery hands on the part of Fast Willie. That said, in preparation for next week's show down, I thought it would be alright to provide the avid readers of Doubt About It with a health dose of Anti-New England Propaganda.

Check out:

There is some quality stuff there.

Pat said...

Hahaha...the dirkman! Great link "dirkman". See you for round 2 of night out with doubt about it.