Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Weekend From Hell

"I can't believe this" - Dad
"This isn't fun" - stache
"I want to puke" - myself

And those comments came before overtime. Before talking about the Steelers debacle, lets set up the collective attitude of Pittsburgh going into this game...

- Pitt loses in embarassing fashion to Rutgers
- Penn State twiddles its thumbs while Michigan State runs past it
- The Pens lose an absolute heart-breaker to the Rangers

And then today. The high and mighty Steelers lose to the 1-8 Jets. Embarassing? Stomach-turning? Nauseating? Pick any of them. Some gut reactions from 5 minutes after Nugent's winning field goal.

- The offense really seemed to struggle without Santonio Holmes down the stretch.
- If the Jets have the worst run defense in the league, then what does that say about our O-line? Ooh, ooh, call on me! I know! It sucks.
- Willie Parker made a big deal in the paper about how well he would run on turf in Giants stadium. I waited all day for him to break away. The stache and I are still waiting.
- Pathetic showing from the defense down the stretch.
- 7 sacks for the Jets. Again, thanks o-line. Mahan in particular sucked.
- Gonchar should have gotten back on that OT goal. Unrelated to this post, but still...
- Two OT losses in two days. Ugh.
- Questionable play-calling, especially on third down in the 4th quarter.
- Why does anyone EVER play the prevent D? It NEVER prevents anything.

More to come. Stache report in a day or two...if he ever stops staring at the floor. Seriously...can someone come help me move him from my couch?

End of Post


Anonymous said...

How did Pitt lose in "embarassing fashion"? Pitt was an underdog on the road and would have won the game if not for a very questionable pass interference call on the winning touchdown with less than a minute left in the game. This to a team with a Heisman candidate at running back that was held in check most of the day and without his one big run wouldn't have had 100 yards. Hardly embarassing.

Pat said...

I should have clarified my use of embarassing. I thought that the pass interference call was embarassing on the part of the officials considering that there was nothing but hand shoving on both sides of the ball. I also happen to think that the way Pat Bostick throws the football is embarassing, but that is another story.

Anyways, embarassing is probably the wrong word choice for Pitt's performance. However it can be substituted quite nicely for the Steelers showing.

Anonymous said...

The Steelers lost this game late in the fourth quarter when they tried a pass on that third-and-two instead of running bigass Najah Davenport for the first down.

If there was ever a time to hammer the ball and play Steelers football, it was then

Unknown said...

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