Thursday, November 22, 2007

Remember The Thanksgiving Game, Folks...

Peter King said after the Steelers come from behind against the Browns that the comeback might in fact be the turning point in the Steelers season. Maybe, just maybe, it would be the game everyone looked back on and said "THAT is where the really put it together and turned things around".

And then the Jets game happened and etc. etc. cough cough puke.

With such recent events in mind, I'll speak softly when saying this, though I will say it none the less: remember the 6-5 shootout victory tonight against the Senators, cats and kittens. Remember it well. That was a 16-4 team the Pens just beat. The Pens fought people, they got big goals from role players, they got GREAT third period goaltending (albeit not from Fleury...a topic for a later day). They got a SICK shootout goal from Jarko Ruutu. Basically, everything that fans have been asking for out of the Pens in the last month was given to them.

Here's hoping they can keep the momentum. Now. Huge win - about as big as they come in late November.

Have a great weekend folks. And yes, my groin is sitll in excruciating pain.
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