Monday, November 26, 2007

The Rare Monday Post

The Monday night Steelers game pushes back our week a little bit, so expect more from us a little later than usual. Some thoughts from the weekend...

- The first ever "Night Out With DoubtAboutIt" (name of actual event still pending) was a...success? Sure, I'd say so. I still haven't seen the 'stache since Friday night or even heard from him, but I'm sure he's ok. He's probably still at Primanti's.

- The Thrashers really aren't very good, so I am not going to get all hopped up about the 5-0 Pens win on Saturday night. But still...remember the Thanksgiving game. It could be like our Alamo...or something. The only thing better than seeing Fleury back in net and playing well was the reading the stat line on the first period goal scorers: Staal, Malone, and Armstrong. Good to see Staal back in the mix - he was moving around faster than Sam trying to jump out of a cab to take a piss.

- Pat Bostick is not good. Not saying he might not "become" a decent QB at some point, but right now, he cannot do anything. ANYthing. He has the most prolific young running back int he country, and he STILL can't do anything.

- More to come soon...
End of Post

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