Monday, October 15, 2007

What If....?

As the NLCS and ALCS are well under way, I sit here and wonder..."What If"....What if the Pittsburgh Pirates were in the playoffs...What if I cared enough to watch playoff baseball....? Well I would certainly fail out of college, because I can't lie, College and Professional Football already engulf my weekends.

My roommates and I like to call it "No Shirt Sunday". We wake up from a night of drinking, sit on the couch without our shirts on, and watch football until 8 o clock at night. At this point we finally realize that we are in college, and that Al Michaels and John Madden didn't get to where they were without a little bit of hard work. It's probably the toughest thing I do all week, pulling myself away from that Sunday night football game. Unfortunately enough, when the Steelers play on Sunday night, I don't get up from the couch.

So that brings up the question of "What If...?"

What if the Pirates were in the Playoffs

Well I already told you...I'd fail out of school. I already procrastinate enough watching college and professional football, and at least those games are broadcast on the weekends. (Unless you consider Pitt vs Navy a college football game...I did for about an hour last week).

What if girls had "No Shirt Sunday"?

Well...I'd probably watch the game at their house...and when I say game, I I wouldn't watch the game at all. Girls "No Shirt Sunday" would ride my fantasy football team into retirement , and I'd no longer have any clue as to what "LT" exactly stood for.

What if I could watch the Penguin games in Columbus, Ohio?

This pretty much goes for writer Pat and I. God probably knew what was best for us, because I know for sure that what worked in high school for me, just wasn't going to cut it in college. Now when I say that, I mean watching every single Penguin game, and "attempting" to do homework during the intermissions. At the college level, the intermission just isn't going to cut it. Lets just hope I don't jump on the Blue Jacket's bandwagon anytime soon.

What if they put NFL Football on, every day of the week?

America would enter it's second Great Depression.

What if Pittsburgh had an NBA Team?

Ehh...I still wouldn't care until playoff time. The NBA regular season blows...

What if Stan Savern was a SportsCenter Anchor?

We'd never have to hear "Stan, I love the show" ever again...

What if we didn't win the Crosby Lottery ?

I don't even want to think about it... Rico Fata anyone?

Thank God for Sidney Crosby.

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Anonymous said...

Back in 2003-2004 I had 34 points in 73 games. In 2005-2006 I had 0 points in 20 games.

That's what happens when you spend the lockout season in Italy hanging out with girls who believe in "no shirt" Sundays.