Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Banter with Mark Anthony and Dave Wannstache

This idea for a blog post came out of nowhere, as myself and Mark Anthony were online earlier today for about an hour discussing the games this Sunday. I don't know how often we'll do this, or if we'll ever do it again, but here is the portion of the transcript relative to game discussion. If the conversation feels choppy, it's because I had to cut some stuff out that, let's just say, revolve around some things that college kids do on the weekend.

Dave Wannstache: you're killing my productivity
Mark Anthony: It's no shirt Sunday.
Anthony: lol
Anthony: what's up
Wannstache: i like procrastinating anyways
Anthony: don't worry, i'm doing the same thing
Wannstache: nothin, i hate gambling
Anthony: i know you do...hold on i got a quote for u
Anthony: "I said I wouldn’t pick against New England until they lost against the spread, but a home underdog getting 17 points is pushing it too far. The Dolphins always play the Patriots tough, and you never know what can happen in division games."
Anthony: This could definitely backfire on me, but I cannot in good conscience bypass a home underdog getting this many points."
Wannstache: my asshole hurts from the patriots fucking me up the butt
Anthony: I think Brian Belichick said that
Anthony: lol...
Wannstache: i have a 2 team teaser today, saints at -1.5 and bucs at +8.5
Wannstache: i'm going to lose... again
Wannstache: what the fuck, it's byron leftwich and he's tearing shit up
Anthony: nah u'll win that...
Wannstache: meanwhile, garcia is 19/20 and they're still down 6
Anthony: no will come back
Anthony: don't worry
Anthony: New orleans*
Wannstache: nothing has gone right for me this season
Wannstache: so i'm not getting my hopes up
Anthony: lol start using mark Anthony's picks
Wannstache: no, i need to make my picks, then do the opposite. i'd go 10-3 every week
Anthony: lol
Anthony: that'd be an awesome technique
Wannstache: i might just try it next week
Anthony: it'd be a better story if i told you i took your picks every week, reversed them...and then won hundreds of dollars
Wannstache: hahaha
Anthony: finally willis mcgahee did something for my fantasy team
Anthony: a 46 yard TD...i didn't know he did those
Wannstache: is that the game you're getting? it's brutal to watch
Anthony: no i'm not getting it...are u?
Anthony: i'm not even getting a CBS game
Wannstache:yeah, and was-arz on fox
Anthony: i'm getting giants vs san fran
Wannstache: you'll probably get one at 4 then
Anthony: yeah i am...cinci
Anthony: cinci and then the dallas game...
Wannstache: yeah, i don't get a cbs game at 4
Wannstache: i get the dal-min game though
Wannstache: i love trying to get work done during these games... it never works
Anthony: i love how they are talking up adrian peterson all over the place now
Anthony: oh yeah...didn't u read my article...
Anthony: i sit on the couch all fucking day...and todya is the worst day possible
Wannstache: yeah, "no shirt sunday"... great concept
Anthony: steelers playing at 8 o clock
Wannstache: yep, no work done for us today
Anthony: nope....
Wannstache: i don't even care anymore... a C or D is not going to affect my gpa much
Anthony: nice ..
Wannstache: god damnit, payton better go for this
Wannstache: 4th and 1 for no at midfield
Anthony: man...they are hurting for a squirting this year
Wannstache: haha, i think they teased me with their performance last week
Anthony: they were probably like "lets fool the stache'"
Wannstache: i think that's what the entire nfl is doing... they got together before the season and was like "let's fool the stache, he had too much success gambling last year"
Anthony: yeah...i bet they did
Wannstache: i feel like we could make this into a blog post, just a running conversation about the days games
Anthony: we should...
Wannstache: i could just copy and paste it and post it when we're done
Wannstache: of course, editing the names and such
Wannstache: call it "Sunday Banter with Mark Anthony and Dave Wannstache"
Anthony: i like the idea
Anthony: good name too
Wannstache: by the way, is it in the NFL bylaws that the Bills aren't allowed to score touchdowns?
Anthony: i don't know...i just want to know how the ravens continue to suck nuts...all they have to do is hand it to mcgahee 40 times a game and their defense will do the rest
Anthony: but no...they think they can pass the ball
Anthony: the think derrick mason is the second coming of steve smith
Anthony: they*
Wannstache: it's because brian billick is a moron
Anthony: yeah tampa isn't gonna cover...
Anthony: but new orleans is...
Wannstache: yeah, one team gets their shit together, and then the other ones starts faltering
Wannstache: i have +8.5 with the bucs though
Wannstache: bills are about to violate nfl league rules and score a touchdown
Wannstache: td lynch
Anthony: the ravens suck
Anthony: randy moss is fucking carrying my fantasy team right now, with a little teaser from mcgahee and his rare 46 yard TD
Anthony: then it never hurts to have new englands kicker...6 XP's..
Wannstache: it's like brady and moss are playing against high school kids, it's ridiculous
Wannstache: brady has 25 td's and 2 int's
Anthony: don't worry, once they meet up with ike taylor and deshea townsend, they are fucked
Anthony: there is a lot of sarcasm in that comment
Wannstache: i actually think ike can take him... he definitely has the physical skills to do so... not deshea though
Wannstache: ike has shut down guys like owens and chad johnson before
Anthony: yeah deshea can stick with stallworth
Anthony: or maybe welker
Anthony: so i started earnest graham today...he had a nice little first half, but i dont know what hes gonna due for me now that tampa is down by nine
Wannstache:i'm losing both my bets right now
Wannstache: by 1/2 point each
Wannstache: is this really happening?
Wannstache: 1/2 a fucking point?
Anthony: don't worry earnest graham has ur back...
Wannstache: haha, makes me feel better. he's actually running pretty well it seems
Anthony: 64 rush yards, 55 receiving...who does that cat think he is?
Anthony: if he threw in a touchdown or two, he might get his own segment on every NFL pre-game show next week
Anthony: "Adrian peterson is god...."
Anthony: that's all i heard this morning
Wannstache: this other blog started calling him "purple jesus" which is an awesome nickname
Anthony: lol that is tight
Anthony: i wonder if he ever did anything stupid in pee on a girls face, or shit in a hamper
Wannstache: makes me wonder whether r. kelly and najeh davenport are tight
Anthony: lol i'm pretty sure r kelly likes to pee on girls when hes sober...
Anthony: and najeh was just really drunk
Anthony: there is a difference there
Wannstache: true
Anthony: that'd be an awesome friendship though
Anthony: they could make a rap about it
Anthony: " i pee, you poop... look at my penis droop"
Wannstache: hmm... i smell a grammy in your future for "best songwriter"
Wannstache: and your boy mcgahee is out
Anthony: no way...
Anthony: u mean hes hurt?
Wannstache: all they said is he is getting an IV in the locker room
Anthony: good...
Anthony: that means hes cramping
Anthony: is mcgahee back in the game yet?
Anthony: i want him to get this TD
Wannstache: not sure, they haven't been back on offense
Wannstache: oh my god
Wannstache: i'm gonna throw up
Wannstache: garcia fumbled at the one fucking yard line
Anthony: on his own one yard line?
Wannstache: no at detroit's
Anthony: fucking idiot...earnest could of gotten a TD
Wannstache: and the falcons are in the red zone... FUCKING MOTHERFUCK
Anthony: i picked them to win...i told you to use mark Anthony's picks
Wannstache: would you still have picked them if it was NO -1.5?
Anthony: they're the best team in the NFL....why not
Wannstache: yeah, you're sleeper pick... i forgot
Anthony: miami is trying to cover ...
Anthony: down 21 now...
Wannstache: yep, going for the cheap backdoor
Anthony: gotta like where their head is at...
Anthony: joey porter is probably playing offense, i bet he has money on this game
Anthony: i wonder if players are ever like "i'll bet you 10,000 dollars we beat you"
Anthony: can they bet with each other ?
Anthony: and tampa is not covering anymore...
Anthony: ur done son
Wannstache: i need a TD from them
Wannstache: of course, they'll go for the two and miss it and lose by 9
Anthony: hah yep
Anthony: what's funny ...those guys on NFL today and Fox...
Wannstache: and NO is going to kick a field goal and win by one
Anthony: they can't even pick winners without a spread
Wannstache: it's tough this year man... i never had this much trouble last year
Wannstache: i don't know what it is
Wannstache: i still have a shot... i need a TD from the saints and a TD and two from the bucs
Anthony: oh sports betting...ok i'm gonna try to go make something of my life before the steelers game
Anthony: i'll ttyl
Wannstache: yeah, i'll post portions of this
Wannstache: peace
Anthony: sounds good

Well, I'm happy to report the gambling Gods smiled on the Stache today. New Orleans covered the -1.5 and like I said Tampa Bay went for two and missed it. But they got the onside kick, managed to get into field goal range, and Voila! cheap backdoor cover. It's about time.

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