Monday, October 15, 2007

Some Quick Week 6 NFL Thoughts

- I can't stress this enough: all gambling websites need to have a Surgeon General's warning ala cigarettes that reads Just so you know, a 43 year old Vinny Testaverde led a road underdog to an outright win in week 6. I could give a bunch of stats like Bill Simmons about underdogs and the unpredictability of the league, but I think that statement tells you all you need to know. I didn't toss any money around this week (thankfully), but as for the ' Last year the 'stache cleaned up down the stretch, and I jumped in with him to pick up a few extra bills. We had been looking forward to this season all summer, and now I think the 'stache needs to join some sort of help group. The man is hurting folks.

Anyways, the point is, unless you are betting on the Patriots to cover or the Rams not to cover, dont gamble kids.

- Is it me or have Tom Brady and Peyton Manning switched identities? Brady is now getting all the SportsCenter attention pertaining to undefeated seasons and TD records while Peyton just keeps grinding out win after win. In the same way that no one ever cared that Brady was fresh of a Super Bowl win and would just talk about Manning's assault on records, everyone is all in a twitter over Brady while everyone forgets that Peyton has more recently won a Super Bowl. If I am Colts fan, this lack of attention makes me very, VERY happy. For once Peyton doesn't have all eyes on him. Here is hoping that the Colts do better than the Pats in January.

- I can't decide if I am worried or excited about the Bengals game in two weeks. Yes, they suck, but they can't possibly keep losing and at SOME point they have to play with a little fire. A hated rival might be just the medicine for their struggles. Or we might just curb-stomp them. Ok scratch that I can't wait for this game.

- On an unrelated note: big week for the Pens this week. Devils, Canes, and Capitals. I for one am waiting to see a little more from them before I start evaluating the team, although it is readily apparent to anyone watching the games (ThePensBlog and Sam keep harping on this) that Mark Recchi belongs in One from the Heart and not one of the Penguins top lines.
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Pirate In Search Of Nuttings Chest said...

stache' know what they say...when your losing, bet bigger and bigger until you win. you'll eventually come out on top... Anybody pick up on the "Ads by Google" on the side of the webpage with ""...that's me. I'm reverting back to the old me.