Thursday, October 11, 2007


-It's official, JoePa has confirmed he was in a traffic altercation involving two graduate students. I'm rather befuddled by this whole story, and I want to hear Joe's reason for flipping out before making judgment.

-These multiple day breaks between the Pens' games are especially boring during the first half of the season. They give you a taste of the game, and then take it away for three days. As a result, you anticipate the next one with even more furor, and when they lose it becomes even more annoying. I don't want to pick any one player too much, but Therrien seems like an acceptable target. He fiddles with the lines too much. I know he was doing it last year, but last year also proved you need more than one superline. It's OK to shake up the lines if a guy or entire line is in a funk for a few games, but constantly changing them during the third period doesn't allow for any chemistry to develop. A short term gain for long term trouble.

This weekend could produce a lot of hype for the Pens with the Steelers on the bye and Pitt playing (and losing) yesterday. There is no game on Sunday, but the Saturday game is the one driving people to the bars this weekend. It would be nice to see a victory on Saturday, even more so in front of a hockey crowd in Toronto.

-If you're looking for Steelers T-shirts made by a local with some actual staying value (I'm looking at you "Where was Ray Lewis When Joey Porter Was Shot" shirt) definitely check out Burgh Shirts.


-Weekend Preview and a Pens-Steelers post coming from Pat either late today or tomorrow. Should be a good one.

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