Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Random NFL Thoughts From the Stache

Since there was no Steelers game this past week (and hence no Stache Report), I’m going to just post some random NFL thoughts. I may continue to do these every now and then, depending on time issues.

- Want one more reason to despise the Patriots? Their recent penchant for accumulating garbage touchdowns and running up the score is a good one. What the hell are you doing attempting to score a touchdown when you’re up 17 points with 19 seconds left? Of course, the national media will gloss over this fact. If any other team were doing this, we’d be hearing cries from the talking heads of “Where’s the sportsmanship!?” and Joe Buck’s head would probably explode.

- Speaking of the talking heads, I love how all of them are now saying that the Ravens defense is back. Listen, the last two weeks they have faced an anemic 49ers offense led by Trent Dilfer and an even worse combo in the Rams and Gus Frerotte. I still worry about the Ravens, because I think their front 7 can give our O-line fits, but I feel more confident about how we matchup with them than I did at the beginning of the season. I just hope Kyle Boller starts when we play them. Say all you want about Steve McNair, but that guy almost always plays lights out when facing the Steelers. I really don’t need to see another 25-30, 305 yards, 3 TD performance from McNair against our defense.

- Who would have thought the Browns would be on their way up and the Bengals on their way down. We were lucky to face the Browns in week 1, when they still didn’t have an identity and the incomparable Charlie Frye was at the helm. Now, with steady quarterback play from Derek Anderson and explosive targets in Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow, the Stains offense doesn’t look so bad. A defense heavy draft next year, and they could be back in the playoff hunt. As for the Bengals, it’s amazing the sense of entitlement these guys have. One good season, and they think they are kings of the NFL. After their loss to the Chiefs on Sunday, Douchemanzadeh felt it was necessary to state that the Bengals were better than the teams they were being beaten by. Newsflash, dickhead. You’re not. You’re defense sucks balls, and you’re players have no discipline. Please Anthony Smith, lay this motherfucker out one more time when we play them two Sundays from now.

- The AFC South is the best division in football. We all know about the Colts, but the Titans and Jaguars are capable of beating anyone on any day with their defenses. And the Texans will start to play much better once they get Andre Johnson back. Would anyone be surprised if both wildcard berths come from this division? If you’re going to assume that the Patriots and Colts will gets byes, then the Steelers could very well host either Tennessee or Jacksonville on Wild Card weekend.

- I like the move by the Chargers to trade for Chris Chambers. He’ll add a vertical threat to their offense and take off some of the pressure from LT and Gates. But I just can’t get past the Norv Turner factor. I don’t think that team is going to the playoffs, and it isn’t because of lack of talent, it’s because of Norv.

- Can the Giants make a run at winning the NFC East? They’re sitting at 4-2, with games coming up against San Francisco and Miami. That leads up to a week 10 tilt with the Cowboys. With how putrid the NFC is, it wouldn’t be all that shocking to see the Giants in the Super Bowl. I don’t think it’s going to happen, and if they did they would just get creamed by whatever AFC opponent they face, but it shows how far they’ve come since that week 2 pasting at the hands of the Packers.

- As for the Packers, I’m not going to buy into them until they show they can run the ball. You are not going to win in January if you can’t run the ball. And the Packers can’t. Brett Favre is playing great, as is the defense, but name me the last Super Bowl winner that had no threats in the run game. Many felt that Green Bay should have addressed the issue before the trade deadline passed today by acquiring Chargers RB Michael Turner. However, it would have likely cost them a first round pick and a brand new shiny contract. Not worth it in my opinion. Marshawn Lynch would have been perfect for them if the Bills hadn’t snatched him up before the Packers got a chance to pick.

- I don’t think the Saints are out of it. Yet. At 1-4, they’re still 2.5 games back of division leading Tampa Bay and Carolina. But let’s be honest. If Carolina is forced to go with Vinny Testaverde for a long period of time, it’s not going to end well. As Peter King noted in his MMQB column, yeah, it’s a great story. But he’s still 43 years old, and that’s going to catch up with him when defenses start bringing the house. The Buccaneers are playing solid ball, but they’ll be starting Earnest Graham at running back for the foreseeable future. If teams start to double cover Joey Galloway, will the Bucs have enough offense to stay competitive? The Saints absolutely have to win both of their remaining games against these two teams though to have a chance. It’s a long shot, but if their performance on Sunday night is any indication, they’re not dead yet.

- The NFC West is a mess. The starting quarterbacks in this division, as of now, are: Tim Rattay, Gus Frerotte, Trent Dilfer, and a struggling Matt Hasslebeck. The Rams and 49ers are all but done, which means it’s a two horse race between the Cardinals and Seahawks. I’ll take the Seahawks, only because Rattay is now entrenched as the starter in Arizona with the injuries to Leinart and Warner. But make no mistake, the Seahawks stink and do not deserve to make the playoffs.

- As of this posting, this is the poll that is currently up on the NFL.com homepage. I love it. Keep disrespecting the Steelers. They play much better when they’re the underdogs.

- Discouraging gambling note of the week: As some of you may have read in the comments section of another post, the Stache is downright struggling this year in his NFL gambling endeavors. Last year, I could do no wrong, going seven straight weeks with positive gains to end the season. This year, I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the chest with a rusty, serrated knife. Almost a month ago, I placed money on the Colts at –6.5 against the Texans. The Colts won by 6. Last week, for the Bills-Cowboys Monday Night tilt, I placed money on the Bills money line. We all saw what happened. This week, I put my faith in the Bears, at home giving 4.5 points against the Vikings. Down 31-17, the Bears come back and score two touchdowns in the closing minutes to close the gap. I think I’m heading to overtime, with a chance at the cover. But then, Adrian Peterson returns the kickoff to the Bears 38, and Ryan Longwell nails a 54-yard field goal as time expires. I hate gambling.

- Finally, today (or depending on when you are reading this, yesterday) is the one-year anniversary of one of the greatest coaching rants in the history of sports. I’m talking, of course, about the now infamous Denny Green “THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!!!” rant. As soon as it happened, it immediately joined Herm Edwards “You play to win the game” speech and Jim Mora’s “PLAYOFFS!?” diatribe in the pantheon of coaching tirades. I can’t even tell you how many times Pat and I have referenced this legendary moment from the career of Denny Green. As a gift, here is the video. Enjoy:

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I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

that's a good f-in post. good material...just quit gambling and you're looking good.

Dave Wannstache said...

I will never quit gambling. Mark it down, the Stache will make a run.

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