Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Premature Summary

Well, there are still 6 minutes left in the game, but I don't think the Penguins are capable of scoring 4 goals and knotting it up tonight. I was unbelievably excited for the 3rd period tonight: 1-1 game, Pens finished the 2nd period with an enormous amount of enthusiasm, Fleury is playing alright...and then the wheels flew off.

[Editor's note: ok, well, it's 5-2 now, Gonchar just scored on the power play, making Bob Errey look like a genius. I'm still writing the summary prematurely. Prove me wrong, Pens.]

Toronto played a very patient game tonight - they didn't have any of the exciting flashes exhibited by Malkin's sweeping drives or Staal's remarkable vision - playing well down low and creating some traffic in front. It's simply another October game in the NHL, so there shouldn't be any over-arching declarations gleaned from the game. But here is one man's brief observations...

- There were some deflections, and there was an awful defensive zone turnover...but four 3rd period goals is not something we want to be seeing from MAF. Fleury's consistency level is starting to look a lot like Big Ben's.

- Malkin is a beast. Plain and simple. More on this in a future article.

- First line tonight: Malkin, Crosby, Recchi. Why not just throw the 'stache out there? It's about the same as having Recchi play with those two. I know, it is early, and tonight was only one game, but he couldn't finish in front, he was repeatedly knocked off the puck, his forechecking was counterproductive (he often fell down and was taken out of the play, producing several odd-man rushes), and he can't keep up with our two studs. The lines keep shuffling...and Recchi keeps staying on the first line. Who is he paying to keep his first line spot?

- At the end of the second period, Roberts was abusing someone in the corner. I loved every second.

- Could we get another article about Sid's lack of scoring from the local paper? One of those a day for the rest of the year should keep his goal totals up.

Off to Penn State I go for the big showdown this weekend with half of the DAI writers. See you soon Sambo.

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