Friday, October 19, 2007

Pittsburgh Sports Weekend

If there was ever a must win week for a blog, this is it. A computer simulating the 2002 season is threatening to overtake all of us, and if Wannstache doesn't come up with a way to generate a few bills this week he may have to start a new blog about cement shoes and the bottom of the Monongahela.

Pat's lead has slipped to one game above the Dreamcast, with Marc Anthony 5 back and Sam and the 'Stache 6 back. And yes, that is a NJ Nets logo in Pat's column. In his picks he selected the "NY Nets", which is a few years too early but I thought I would be a dick about it. On to the table:

The 'Stache Says

As I stated in the weekly lines e-mail I send out to my fellow Doubt About It contributors on Wednesday, I'm ready to pick some more losers. Folks, your best bet is to read my picks, and then do the opposite. In fact, if you see that all four of us are unanimous in our pick for a certain game, you should run to your bookie and place a bet on the other team. We have been that bad in picking games this year. Onto the week 7 picks.

Home teams in caps

Arizona (+8) over WASHINGTON

Yeah, I know Tim Rattay is starting this game at quarterback for the Cardinals. I think Arizona maybe got a reality check last week against the Panthers when a 43 year old QB beat them. Expect Ken Whisenhunt to have his team ready to play after the egg they laid last week, and while they probably won’t win, they’ll keep it within eight.

NEW ORLEANS (-8.5) over Atlanta

The Falcons will try Byron Leftwich at QB, but guess what, he’s not the answer. As I mentioned in my NFL thoughts post, I think the Saints are capable of making a run, and what better team to face to build up momentum than the Falcons. Brees and Colston will have their way with one of the most overrated players in the league, DeAngelo Hall (remember last year when the Steelers WRs torched him last year?), and even though the Saints secondary isn’t all that great, the Falcons don’t have the weapons to exploit it. When you combine Leftwich’s slow delivery with a porous offensive line, that spells disaster.

Baltimore (-3) over BUFFALO

Trent Edwards will go up against the best defense he’s faced all year. While they’re not their usual dominant self, the Ravens defense is formidable. Edwards looked pretty good against the Cowboys, but the Cowboys can be passed on because their safeties (read: Roy Williams) struggle in pass coverage. Not so with the Ravens and Ed Reed back there roaming around. Willis McGahee will have a chip on his shoulder as he comes back to Buffalo and will carry Baltimore to a victory.

Minnesota (+9.5) over DALLAS

It’s tough to go with Tarvaris Jackson on the road, but it’s a little easier when you have Adrian Peterson on your side. The Cowboys have been shaky the past two weeks. They had no business beating Buffalo, and then got pasted in the 2nd half by the Patriots. If you can’t beat em then join em, so I’ll cast my lot with Peterson and the Vikings after they ripped my heart out last weekend.

MIAMI (+17) over New England

I’m going against the grain here. I said I wouldn’t pick against New England until they lost against the spread, but a home underdog getting 17 points is pushing it too far. The Dolphins always play the Patriots tough, and you never know what can happen in division games. Cleo Lemon played fairly well last week, and Ronnie Brown is having a spectacular season, so much so that Bill Belichick called Brown “the most impressive player he’s seen on offense this season.” This could definitely backfire on me, but I cannot in good conscience bypass a home underdog getting this many points.

NEW YORK GIANTS (-9) over San Francisco

Two teams going in opposite directions. The 49ers are among the league leaders in sacks allowed, and this week they’ll be facing pass rushing beasts in Osi Umenyiora and Michael Strahan. Couple that with Trent Dilfer getting the start at QB for the 49ers, and the Giants at home, and that’s enough for me.

Tampa Bay (+2.5) over DETROIT

Vegas still isn’t giving the Bucs credit. I really thought they would be slight favorites in this game, but instead they’re the underdog. Garcia can and will play efficient football, moving the chains and keeping the potent Lions offense on the sidelines. Last time we saw Detroit they were getting spanked by the Redskins 34-3, and the defense needs to play better than that for my sleeper pick to come to fruition.

Tennessee (-1.5) over HOUSTON

This is a tough game to pick, because we have no way of knowing if Vince Young starts or not. He’s questionable with a quad injury, and if he can’t go it will be Kerry Collins instead. I’m going under the assumption that Young plays, but even if he doesn’t, I have faith that Collins can at least keep the Titans afloat while the defense picks up the slack. The Texans really miss Andre Johnson, and their defense is starting to show some holes.

Kansas City (+3) over OAKLAND

The Chiefs are building some momentum. I have to say I’m a bit surprised. I thought they would be one of the worst teams in the league this year, and I felt the same way last year as well. Herm Edwards seems like the type of coach who can get you 9-10 wins every now and then, but you’ll never win a Super Bowl with him. I really don’t have much else to say about this game.

CINCINNATI (-6) over New York Jets

Here’s why I’m worried about the Bengals. At some point, you have to figure that this offense kicks it into gear. It could happen any week, and when it does, regardless of how bad their D is, they will be a tough opponent to handle. It seems like I pick the Jets every week and they never deliver. Pennington sucks, and I made the mistake of backing him last week. It’s time for Kellen Clemens. This week, as much as I hate him, I’ll take Palmer over Pennington every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Chicago (+5) over PHILADELPHIA

Why are teams still kicking to Devin Hester? I can’t figure this out. I’m not as high on this Eagles team as others are. This is one of those “hunch” games. My mind is telling me to go with the team that is playing better football and is at home. But for some reason I can’t explain, my heart is telling me take the Bears and the points.

SEATTLE (-8.5) over St. Louis

And I’m done with the Rams. Damn, what a shitty offense they have without Bulger and Jackson. Come to think of it, they weren’t playing that well with them. Looks like Bulger will be back, but he even is admitting he’s not fully healed. Plus, this game is at Qwest Field, which is one of the toughest places to play in the NFL, and I doubt they lose two in a row there.

Pittsburgh (-3.5) over DENVER

Javon Walker will be out for this game, and there’s a chance Champ Bailey will join him. I liked the Steelers to cover before I knew that, and this just reaffirms my position. Expect the Broncos to crowd the box in an effort to stop Willie Parker, so taking advantage of this and hitting Holmes deep, Ward over the middle, or Miller down the seam will be paramount. I REALLY like the Steelers this week. So much so that I’m considering placing money on them. But if I do, they’ll probably lose. So I don’t know.

JACKSONVILLE (+3) over Indianapolis

Wow, will the Jacksonville crowd be fired up. The Jaguars defense is exactly the type that will give the Colts fits, and they always play them tough. If you remember last year, Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor ran all over the Colts defense. I don’t know if they’ll have the same success this year, but I think they’ll be able to move the ball against the Colts D, and I think the Jaguars have enough to at least limit Manning and the Colts O. The boozed up Jaguars crowd will push them over the top.

Just Chillin' Competition: Steelers vs Broncos

This Week: Cornerback

Champ Bailey


Ike Taylor
(Picture Courtesy of PSaMP)

I swear I'll pick the other team eventually, just not this week. Although Champ looks aware of his surroundings while Ike looks positively catatonic, its all about the ladies in these pictures. The two with Champ probably have no idea who he is, assuming "Champ" is a title and not a name and that when he was talking about "covering that tight end" he meant something else. The two with Ike probably know his career stats and only wanted a picture with him because they knew he would eventually emerge as a solid #1 DB. Ike wins based on association.

Winner: Steelers

Recommended Purchase of the Week

Pittsburgh Steelers Solid 14K Gold Logo With Colored Stones Ring Size 11

The ring is a must have for any sleazy Steelers' impersonator, who could easily trick an unsuspecting lady yinzer into believing it is the 2005 Super Bowl ring. And at the price of $1,145.99 you'll be the only creeper who could afford one. The only true justification for buying this ring would be to walk around Cincinnati punching unsuspecting Bengals fans and leaving an imprint of the hypocycloids on their forehead.

3 Things to Know About Raleigh/D.C./Denver

1.) Raleigh is suffering through an "exceptional" drought and is limiting water consumption by not allowing people to water their lawns. I wonder if this applies to watering the rink.

2.) The Capitals are the only team in the NHL with a High Definition Jumbotron. They have their priorities straight.

3.) Game 5 of the World Series is scheduled for Monday night, October 29th in Denver. Also scheduled for that time slot is a Monday night football game at Invesco Field. If the Rockies could clinch the World Series with the win, how many people do you think will be at the Broncos game?

End of Post


Josh said...

Well I went 6-5-2 last week (had TEN and WAS both +3) which puts me at 46-35-8 against the number.

This week I got:
ari +7.5
atl +9 (11-4 ATS @ NO)
BUF +3 (BAL is 0-6 ATS as road favs)
DAL -9.5
MIA +16.5 (7-2 ATS vs. NE at home)
NYG -9.5
tb +2
HOU +1
kc +3
nyj +6
PHI -5
stl +8.5
pit -3.5 (DEN is 1-12 ATS at home)
ind -3 (IND is 6-0 ATS off back-to-back wins by 10+ points. I agree with Football Outsiders on this one: "We're going to approach this game the way we approached Patriots-Cowboys last week. A very good team is facing an exceptional team.")

Sam said...

If you beat us this week Josh I'll have to add a column for you in the table.