Thursday, October 18, 2007

Penguins Fall


For me, that is the only way to describe last night's game. They're playing well enough to win, yet could not find a way. The horrible officiating and the long wait between the games makes it especially excruciating.

I refuse to be pessimistic this early though, and there are 5 positive things we can take out of this game.

1.) Every team will be screwed over by the refs once or twice this season. Better to have one of those games in October rather than April.

2.) Talbot scored his 4th goal of the year, all of them coming in the last 3 games. A 20 goal year out of Max may be reasonable, and a huge boost to the depth on offense.

3.) The Pens are third in the league right now with 34.6 shots/game, a nice improvement over the 28.9 from a year ago. Goals are obviously more important, but there were too many times last year where they got cute with the puck and passed up scoring chances.

4.) Did anyone else see John Madden huffing and puffing in the penalty box after taking a hooking penalty at the end of the third? That's what happens when you have to chase Sid for an entire period.

5.) The loss will not get a chance to linger with the next game on Friday.

For everyone outside the Pittsburgh area, Seth at Empty Netters found out that you'll be able to watch the game live on Yahoo. A great find. Could you ever imagine the NFL allowing this? The NHL is for the people.

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