Monday, October 29, 2007

Inhaling Too Much White Out?

I didn't really have a good day on Saturday. My Ohio State Men's Club Volleyball finished tied for 5th in our home volleyball tournament, the same tournament that kept me from making the trip to Happy Valley for this year's game. Even following an Ohio State win over Penn State, I was still in only a slightly average mood.

But that's what they made alcohol for...and I'm sure the Penn State faithful know exactly what I mean. For me, it was an easy choice, a forty of Steel Reserve...the choice of homeless people around the world.

I made sure each of my three volleyball roommates had one their own. If you haven't ever tried Steel Reserve, please do yourself the's an experience of a lifetime. One that only homeless people seem to know about...

Anyway on the football...I was skeptical to start this season, and I would of told you Penn State had the edge going into the 2007-2008 PA-OH showdown. However, following OSU's game at Washington, I was starting to believe this team was more than just a great defense.

Ohio State might just be better than they were last year... It's the same defense, older and stronger, with an offense that will keep them off the field longer. Chris "Beanie" Wells may very well be the best RB behind Darren McFadden, and hes only a Sophomore! Hes a complete package RB with speed, power, and a body that NFL scouts will salivate over. Believe me... I walked right next to him when he was a freshmen, and if I wasn't as educated on Ohio State sports, I would of thought he was a linebacker.
People can talk all the shit they want about this year's Ohio State team, and just college football in general, but when it comes down to it Ohio State is going to be playing in New Orleans come January. OSU vs LSU...I hope that's the game, right there on LSU's home turf, the SEC will get a well deserved whipping that will bring pride back to the Big Ten.

Oh and Sam said it... "Guaranteed Penn State win on Saturday. If we lose, I'll change the color scheme of this site to scarlet and gray for a day."

I want my Scarlet and Gray ...

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Sam said...

You'll have your colors. If not tomorrow definitely Wednesday.

10 page paper due tomorrow. I'm on page 0. I could use some Steel Reserve right about now.