Monday, October 8, 2007

A Few Thoughts

I have the Stache report coming out tomorrow, but I had just a couple random NFL thoughts, plus a video, that I wanted to post:

1) Take a look at Seneca Wallace channeling his inner Mike Vick (credit to For some reason I'm having trouble embedding the video, so just click the link. What an abysmal showing from the Seahawks. If I knew the Steelers would play like that every time I picked against them, I'd pick the opponent every week.

2) I feel for anyone who bet money on that Browns-Patriots game. They might be dead from a heart attack right now. The closing line, I believe, was Patriots -16.5. With the score Patriots 27-17, New England went for it on 4th and goal with around a minute left in the game and no timeouts remaining for the Browns. They didn't get it. Gamblers who bet on the Patriots are left muttering to themselves, while those who bet on the Browns rejoice. But then, a repreive for those Patriots gamblers as they got the cheap backdoor cover when Kellen Winslow fumbled and Randall Gay took it to the house to increase the defecit to 17 points. All was not over however, as gamblers who bet on the Patriots had to survive a furious Browns rally led by Derek Anderson that stalled in the Patriots red zone. Then, in St. Louis, the Rams drove down the field against the Cardinals in the closing minute to close the gap to 34-29. The line was sitting at Cardinals -3.5, which meant a whole lot of money was riding on the two point conversion. The Rams convert, and cover the 3 1/2 point spread. That, my friends, is what gambling on sports is all about. The thrill, baby.

3) Let's hope I don't find myself in that situation tonight. I'm putting money on the Bills at +10, and I'm going to throw a small side bet on the Bills money line. With my gambling luck this year, expect the Cowboys to win by 30.

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Pat said...

or the Bills to totally choke and lost your money line bet

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

now you can feed your family...bills cover.