Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The End of the Ricardo Colclough Era

So the news has come today that the Steelers have signed CB Anthony Madison, and have released one Ricardo Colclough from the roster. Honestly, it was going to end after this year anyways because Rico was a free agent, and with the depth we have at CB it made no sense to re-sign him. Still, I never thought he'd go out during the middle of the season.

I have many memories of the Colclough era. Most of them involved me closing my eyes as a punt sailed towards him, because I knew there would be a good chance he would mishandle it. The worst memory, of course, was last year when I was in the house at Heinz Field for the early season matchup between the Steelers and Bengals. That was the game that Colclough mishandled a punt that turned into 7 points for the Bengals and catapulted them to victory. I remember as Colclough jogged out on the field to get ready to return the punt, you could hear the groans in the stadium and there was a palpable sense of doom. I can't explain it. There was just this buzz that something bad was going to happen. Mind you, the previous punt I believe he had also juggled but managed to retain possession.

In all, it's a disappointing end. Remember, this is a guy we traded up to choose in the 2nd round. But it was a clear case of a guy being more athlete than football player. Colclough just didn't have the football smarts or instincts. I can't count how many times he had decent coverage, but allowed the receiver to make the play because of a lack of awareness. Football instincts. It's what separates the Ricardo Colclough's from the William Gay's. One's more athletic, and one has the football smarts. Gay wasn't blessed with blazing speed, but he's been able to come in and have an impact as a rookie. Colclough, on the other hand, leaves the Steelers having done pretty much nothing.

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Anonymous said...

It's obvious Tomlin blames Colclough for the breakdowns in kick coverage. You gotta love how he identifies problems and immediately rectifies them. Madison is a better special teamer than Colclough, but might be even worse as a CB. Hopefully that means BMac will be back soon.

I just looked at the 2004 draft, and saw that the Steelers traded up from pick 44 to pick 38 with the Colts in order to take Colclough. And who did the Colts take with pick 44? Bob Sanders. Max Starks was also our third round pick that year. Thanks, Cowher!