Thursday, October 11, 2007

Don't Fuck with Mark Anthony

John Anthony...Mark Anthony...Brandon Lang...whatever you want to call me, it doesn't matter. I'm picking winners baby. For my debut as Mark Anthony, I went 9-4, and made the Stache' look like a punk. The fact is, while Stache' and Sam thought it was funny to play on my John Anthony name, they had no idea that I had Denzel "I'm gonna kill your entire family" Washington protecting my ass.

I tried to find a YouTube clip to paste in right here, but unfortunately Twenty First Century Fox puts a copyright on their movies. Instead, everyone just think of Denzel Washington cutting off Stache's fingers, as he asks

"Where's my money man..."

"Where's my money..." ::cuts off finger::


Pat said...


Pirate In Search Of Nuttings Chest said...

ummm....Denzel Washington??

Dave Wannstache said...

Dear Mr. Anthony,

It is week 6. That means there is plenty of time for the Stache to make a run. Please go back to making shitty music. Thank you.

- Dave Wannstache

Sam said...

I counted 7-7. Maybe you can get Denzel to double check for you.