Monday, October 1, 2007

Atleast My NFL Picks Are Still Decent

Well, you know the story by now. Might as well just go back and read our posts from the last three-



Steve Breaston graduated from Michigan?

We threw how many deep balls to Nate Washington?

A strange Sunday, to say the least. The Pittsburgh "flavor" on the other side was just bizarre. Okobi. Breaston. I also think there were a few lightly covered stories about some ex-coaches or something.

And then there was Larry Fitzgerald. For me, the strangest moment of the game was when a deep ball was thrown to Fitzgerald in the 4th quarter. As the ball hung in the air and I realized who its intended target was, I knew - knew - that there was no way Ike Taylor was getting this ball. It was strangely wonderful and horrible to see Fitzgerald go up and get that ball - I had seen him do it countless times at Pitt, knowing that every-damn-time he would come down with it. And he did this time as well.

More thoughts to come fro mthe rest of the gang as the days go by.

Oh, and after 4 weeks in I think we can all conclude that my NFL picks are not a fluke.
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