Monday, October 15, 2007

70s Steelers on Youtube


I doubt there has been a worse performance by 4 people in picking NFL games on the same table in a long time. Thus far, Pat has 4 wins, the 'Stache and I have 3, and Marc "I'll cut your fingers off" Anthony has 2. The Dreamcast is blowing everyone away at 7. Josh in the comments section has 6 correct out of his hubris inspired picks. At one point, the 'Stache had one win with the Patriots and Cowboys close and the Saints game yet to play. Needless to say, I was rooting for the Cowboys and Seahawks. It was nothing against the 'Stache, it was just that a 1-11 record is as phenomenal and rare as an 11-1 record. It did not work out but I'm still glad gambling is illegal, or we may not be hearing from Wanny ever again.

Thankfully, the weekend was a success with the Penguins' win and a youtube find that helped me make it through the Steelers bye week.

For a Steelers' fan who missed out on the 70s heyday, watching footage from that era is a big deal. Although I could never recapture the feeling in the city or the roller coaster ride that is a full season, getting to watch unedited videos of the 4 70s Super Bowls along with the 1978 Championship game against the Oilers would at least give me an idea. One youtube user decided that this needed to happen.

I want to post every single video, but the the Doubt About servers might crash and it would take 20 minutes for the page to load, so here are all the links to the pages with all the videos: (Each game is broken into around 14 parts, but it's worth the navigation)

1974 Super Bowl

1975 Super Bowl

1978 AFC Championship Game

1978 Super Bowl

1979 Super Bowl

My personal favorite was the '78 AFC championship game, simply because I had never seen any clips before, the game was absolutely remarkable, and it was at Three Rivers with horrible weather conditions. If you're going to watch two videos, watch segments 8 and 9 of this game, which has the Steelers scoring 17 points in 48 seconds.

Part 8

Part 9

3 Things I love about these two videos:

1.) The conditions made the 17 point outburst possible by causing three fumbles, but they also made the touchdown catches by Swann (29 yards) and Stallworth (17 yards) seem almost inhuman. The rain caused 12 fumbles in this game, yet Stallworth and Swann managed to make the catches look easy. Unbelievable.

2.) Mike Webster and others are not wearing long sleeves under their jerseys, even though it's 32° and raining. The cold does not even seem to affect these men.

3.) The spine tingling sound of "Here We Go, Steelers, Here We Go" echoing throughout the stadium reminds you of what was lost when Three Rivers was torn down. The open end of Heinz Field needs to be closed.

The videos don't stop there, however, as the complete Stanley Cup clinching game 4 from '92 is also available, which was originally found by Seth at Empty-Netters.

'92 Stanley Cup Finals - Game 4 (24 Parts). Or you can just go to EN which has all 24 posted on one page.

Segment 1

The music at the beginning is reminiscent of a Sonic the Hedgehog game. Amazing.

Really, if you're ever depressed from a Steelers or Penguins loss, or from the Pirates as a whole, these are the video form of Paxil.

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Pat said...

It is quite possible that the 'stache will not write an article this week. Not just because there is no steelers game to recap, but also because Gus the Bookie is probably chasing him around with a crowbar right now. I wish I could publish the conversation I had with him on the phone yesterday - he sounded downright suicidal.