Monday, September 17, 2007

You Can't Spell "Phew, Your Defense Stinks" Without "Who Dey"

We'll get to the Steelers game at some point, but let me ask a more pertinent question first...

Have you ever been so satisfied by a Browns victory?

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Bengals-Browns game yesterday, partly because it was a good game, partly because I became increasingly excited at the thought of the Steelers playing against the Bengals defense. I watched almost the entire game side by side with the Steelers and I just wanted to reiterate one thing: Derek Anderson is a horrible quarterback. The Steelers proved that last week and a careful look at the game yesterday revealed the same. At one point, the friend I was watching the games with made the following comment: "For every three balls Anderson is throwing, one is superb (Edwards' touchdown, the throw to Jurevicius), one is shaky, and one is unimaginably awful".

Yes, if you watched the highlights, then Derek Anderson looks like the second coming of Montana. But I simply could not believe how may awful ill-advised throws he made yesterday. It was mind-boggling. Even more mind-boggling was that he would brush it off and throw a strike on the next play.

How was he able to brush these mistkes off so easily? Well, perhaps he has superior mental fortitude. Or perhaps the Bengals just suck. The more and more I think about, the more the Bengals appear to be THE PERFECT foil for the Steelers. Classless, arrogant play. Horrible defense. Amazing passing game. They are like the anti-Steelers, which might be a reason I hate them so much.

Or it might because Chad Johnson is an arrogant fool.

Or it might just be because of the fact that they talk so much without backing it up in any way shape or form. Whether it is Carson Palmer saying "I am going to make sure nothing else bad happens on this team" (paraphrased) or Chad Johnson claiming that the bengals were better than the Steelers after they won the Super Bowl, this is a team that cannot man up and accept its accomplishments and failures with any resemblance of class.

Steelers analysis to follow soon....
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Seth said...

Yet despite all this I sit here and stew over the New England Patriots. I hate them. I hate Tom Brady. I hate how they cannot be stoped. I hate their assclown couch. I hate their assclown Defense. I hate that they have Adelius Thomas. I hate Bob Kraft and his cheezits. Someone needs to hit Tom Brady in the mouth. Oh wait his o-line doesn't get called for holding ever.

I hate the New England Patriots and the fact they will win the Super Bowl.