Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Would You Rather?

We received a lot of nice emails from our post we wrote for PSaMP last week. It seemed as though a lot of transplanted Pittsburghers enjoyed the thought of world domination. While still considering the insanity of Steelers' fans' loyalty, I began to wonder exactly how far can that loyalty be stretched? So every week I'm going to make you choose: The Steelers or something else? The premise is if you choose the second option, the Steelers will be nonexistant for a certain time period. Could be a week, could be forever. Each time I'll specify the time scale as well as the compensatory package. So let's honestly see, what are you willing to sacrifice for the heart and soul of Pittsburgh?

This Week:
The Steelers
The Penguins, Pirates, Penn State/Pitt/High School Athletics

Exile Period: 1 Year

Details: Either the Steelers or the other major sports in the Western PA area will be exiled for a year. That means no tailgates, no watching Sid weave his magic, and no watching Ronny Paulino jog to first.

Vote for who you would not want exiled:

Poll will close at 6 PM Thursday. Comments are encouraged if you feel torn or strongly in one direction.

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