Monday, September 10, 2007

Thanks for nothing, Cleveland

While the 'stache is still trying to get an interview for the GM job at PNC Park, I'll briefly take over the reigns for a quick post-game analysis.

The reality after Sunday's Browns is that we don't know too much about either squad. Well, ok, we know a good deal about the Browns (that they are abominable), but in reality, that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. They are just SO young and SO inexperienced that it is going to take some time for them. Almost everyone realizes that. They're trying to make some signings and bring some people in. And they really aren't all THAT unlikeable of a team minus Brady Quinn, Kellen Winslow, and Jamal Lewis (ok, that is a lot of guys, but I just feel the need to stick up for them after Mondesi insinuated in his recap that they are a bunch of criminals. We do, you know, have Santonio Holmes on our squad and did once gainfully employ one P. Burress).

The point is, I am not sure that they can get any worse, so up is the only way to go for them...or, atleast plateau down at the abyss of football suckitude without getting any worse. They might not win more than three games this year, but I could still somehow see them causing problems for playoff contenders late in the season. Atleast you can say they have lots of motivation to improve after all the shit they have been taking.

The more difficult assessment is that of the Steelers. The scariest part for me about the game yesterday was that it resembled one of the blowout victories from last season, like the one against KC or Carolina. I think we all know that this Steelers team is capable of wiping the floor with subpar teams, which they will have the chance to do the first four weeks of the season. Then comes Seattle, Denver, Cinci, and Baltimore. Yikes. From a scheduling standpoint, this feels like that 2005 Bengals team that played cream puffs early on, racked up a stupid number of INTs, was all over Sportscenter for being undefeated, then ran into a Steelers team that was tired of hearing about how good of a start the Bengals were off to and smoked them.

Am I getting waaaaaay too ahead of the game? You betchya. The Steeler obviously still have to "play to win the game" the next four weeks before they hit the meat of their schedule. And quite honestly, this doesn't seem like the type of team that will forget the fact that it hasnt played anybody good yet - Tomlin appears to be too good of a coach to let that happen. All I know is that I feel as if i dont know anything about the current Steelers squad thanks to the ineptitude of the Browns, though I am more than intrigued to see how high this team's ceiling is.

Man, I wish tomorrow were Sunday.
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