Monday, September 10, 2007

Steelers Game and a Pirates Related Story (!)

So it appears we're having a much more difficult time adjusting to our fall schedule than previously expected. I'm sure Wannstache will have a very full report coming either today or tomorrow.

While I'm sure everyone was rather pleased with the events, two special teams items particularly stuck out for me. First, Rossum's experience at punt returning was very evident. He was shifty and I felt confident he would catch it every time. Reid may provide an extra return TD compared to Rossum over an entire season, but he could very well give up a couple from botched catches.

The second thing was Sepulveda. Unless Woodley or Timmons really steps up, I think our punter will be our biggest impact rookie. In a game of attrition against the Ravens, he could be the difference.

The defense looked superb, Ben was up and down, and Willie needs to hold on to the ball a bit more. But overall it is tough to complain. I don't have much time for more analysis, but more should be coming.

In terms of the 'expert' picks, Pat is cleaning up right now with a 9-4 record. The others:

PiSoNC: 5-8
Wannstache: 6-7
Sam: 6-7
Simmon: 6-7
Prisco: 10-3
DC: 7-6
PS3: 6-7

I hate Pete Prisco.

Pirates related news: PiSoNC was walking around downtown today during his lunch break and saw a few Brewers outside the Omni William Penn. Two of them, Damian Miller* and Craig Counsell (who according to PiSoNC is about the size of the friend you always used to beat up in middle school), were talking about how they were going to "pound this guy". The guy they were talking about was Tony Armas.

*Corrected by PiSoNC

I know this is becoming a reoccuring phrase on this site, but more content on the way later...

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Anonymous said...

Hey friends at DAI.
I was lucky enough to attend the steelers game in cleveland this weekend and I would like to point out the funniest moment of the whole afternoon. Right before the kickoff Josh Cribbs came on the jumbotrons to try to amp the Shitstains supporters up a little more. For those who have seen the movie 300, Cribbs made the reference from an early scene where the king yells, "THIS IS SPARTA", and kicked the messenger into the well. In his squeaky pre-pubescent voice he yelped...this is cleveland! A handful of steeler fans sitting around me and I laughed out loud. Comparing Spartans to idiots from Cleveland is really laughable. Browns fans shut up soon after this.