Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Only in Pittsburgh

On a Steelers message board I frequent, I came across a guy parroting shirts with this logo on them:

Yup, that's the logo for his "Saint Tomlin" T-shirts. You can order them right here:

This just highlights how insane the people of Pittsburgh are about their Steelers. You think you could find Saint Billick shirts in Baltimore? Saint Nolan shirts in San Francisco? Maybe they sold Saint Shell t-shirts in Oakland last year (although I highly doubt it).

Anyways, they're $25. I won't be buying one (cause that's $25 I need for sports gambling), but I thought it might interest some people.


Anonymous said...

Tomlin should quit right now while he's ahead. He'll never have it this good again. As positive as everyone is about him now, that's exactly how negative everyone will be about him when he loses his first game. I hope he has thick skin.

Awesome shirt.

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

$25 dollars is how much you bet, but how much CAN you bet. Mark Anthony picks you winners so you can push it all. How much does it take to really FEEL a win Stache'?