Thursday, September 13, 2007

Number One With a Bullet

We've been asked by a few different sites to do a few different things over the next few days (description, isnt it?) so sorry if the week closes out with a whimper. We'll let you know when we have articles running elsewhere and link to them here.

And I can't sign off without linking to this video.

Wow. I saw it on The Pens Blog originally and then a few other people have been sending it to me.

And one more thing...don't think I haven't noticed that I went 9-5 the first week and just annihilated everyone else. I am just debating whether or not to play it classy or to write a shameless article for tomorrow.
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Anonymous said...

That video just made my week. Holy crap that was amazing. The singing was just remarkable. The images... tear jerking.