Thursday, September 6, 2007

NFL Picks/Random NHL Stuff

The NFL season is actually here. No, for real, there is a game in about 3 hours. This is the official beginning of every single person giving you every single pick for every single week. Now some of these people who are making picks make sense. There are people out there developing complex formulas, like Jeremy Piven in "Two for the Money", or people who just know football. Then there are the guys who work for online sports websites who make their picks and usually average out to about 50% over the course of a few seasons. Does anyone here use Pete Prisco as their guide when you call up your bookie? The hunch here says no. It's the ultimate lazy-look like I'm doing work excuse for an article.

I feel proud to say that I firmly believe that we are 4 of the laziest guys to run a blog. It takes 4 men, handsome men I might add, to do what it takes usually 1 man to do. It seems completely logical, then, that we will give you our guaranteed gold, never been wrong, picks for every game this year against the spread.

Now, I promised the 'stache I would have some fancy table with the picks and everything, but real world duties that involve me showering and putting on pants have restricted me from getting everything together. That will be tomorrow, and trust me, it will be the sweetest NFL picks table ever. Today, I'll give you our picks for tonight's game:

New Orleans Saints (+6) AT Indianapolis Colts

Wannstache: Colts
Pat: Colts
PiSoNC: Saints
Sam: Saints

Like I said, one of our picks is guaranteed to be right. That pick is a mystery for now, but we'll reveal it tomorrow.

Which segways horribly into the next section of the post: Hockey. In case you didn't know, the NHL season starts in less than a month and the hockey blogospehere is beginning to gear up.

First, Penguins Buzz is previewing the Pens' Prospect Camp in Ontario. They already have profiles up of the defensemen and forwards. A worthy read to get you up to speed on the future of the Pens.

Along the same lines, Jesse and his boys over at Faceoff-Factor have an interview with Penguins' prospect Brian Strait. I'll let it slide that he likes Kenny Chesny.

I picked up a copy of the Daily Collegian today, and the front page story was "NHL Wants Trademark White-Out Faded Out". First off, seeing the letters "NHL" printed on the front page of a newspaper in the middle of PA was fairly shocking. I expected to read the article and find out that NHL stood for Nations for Heifer Liberty, or something else cow related. But it was true, the NHL, specifically the Phoenix Coyotes, is considering taking legal action because they coined the term White-Out back when they were in Winnipeg, and now Penn State uses it(effectively, I might add) for big football games. I just wish Penn State was being threatened by a slightly more relevant team.

Enjoy watching the game tonight. I'll have the rest of this weekend's picks up tomorrow.

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