Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Name, New Game

Starting this week, after an awful Week 1 showing, PiSoNC will return to the betting scene under a newfound image and name--- John Anthony. No longer will your picks be made by way of coin flip, but by way of a gambling pro.

If you want the sure-fire can't-miss picks, John Anthony has them.

If you're trying to dig yourself out of the hole I put you in from week 1, I'm your man.

You may ask, How confident am I in this upcoming week? Well DAI.com viewers...

I'd bet my mother's house on it................with my mother in it.

Would the other advisor's here at DAI.com make the same guarantee? Not a chance. These other "so-called" writers can't even let go of the coin they flip---- because they need it to cover their bets.

Go PiSoNC. Go John Anthony in Week 2....But only if you like winners.

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Pat said...

yeah, see I cant really make guarantees like that since, oh, you know, I use my real name on the site and what not.

Dong said...

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