Monday, September 3, 2007

More Weekend Wrap-Up

Just a few more things that interested me from this weekend...

- Upon watching Cal run races up the field, my dad called me said the following: "they look like one of those Miami teams from 10 years ago that had 6 guys who won their state-meets in the 100 and just rotate who they give the ball to." Sounds about right to me. What an enjoyable game.

- I noticed over the summer that Chucky Okobi bought a house and some real estate to revamp in the Shady Side area. My first thought was: um, is his job secure enough to do that? As the 'stache noted, paying Rossum probably meant cutting Okobi. And speaking of the 'stache, be nice to him over the next few days. He is in bad shape. Verron Haynes was (incomprehensibly) his all-time favorite Steeler. And Kendall Simmons is probably his least favorite. The 'stache wanted Verron to be The Man after The Bus and once stated, albeit hyperbolically, that Verron would rush for 2,000 yards if he started. Talking to the stache all weekend was like talking to a guy that was thinking marriage with his girlfriend, only she left him instead.

- I randomly get the Big Ten channel and watched the Michigan game this weekend. With some Michigan fans. It reminded me of AFC Championship games, except I was laughing this time.

- The US Open brought some great moments this weekend. Six foot nine inch John Isner took the first set off of Federer, which was, you know, nice, until Federer went roughly 2 and a half sets without an unforced error. And feisty Donald Young put up a good fight in Louis Armstrong against Feliciano Lopez. It was incredibly weird to see Young battling it out on Louis Armstrong because a year ago to the day almost I was sitting next to him in the last row of L.A. watching a first round match. He was sitting with his mom and stewing about how he didnt make the main draw and would be forced to play the juniors. I thought he was a brat at the time, seeing as he 17 and was bitching about how he knew he was good enough to play out there. Well, a year later, and he sure as hell was good enough to play out there.

- Byron Leftwich got cut. Smells like Bill Simmons' Ewing Theory. So much for my contract year theory.

- Just a phenomenal sports Saturday. I cant even imagine what next weekend will be like.

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