Monday, September 3, 2007

Monday Wrapup

Happy Labor Day to everyone. Here at Doubt About It, we never take a day off. As Pat said in the previous post, the weekend was a bit nuts. To recap:

-The Steelers set their final roster, the big cuts being Verron Haynes and Chucky Okobi. Also, contrary to the first reports, Marvin Philip did not make the team while LB Marquis Cooper actually did. I guess the coaching staff has confidence in Simmons at center if something were to happen to Mahan.

-The Steelers also acquired Alan Rossom, likely to shore up the continued trouble of the return men.

-Steve Pearce made his major league debut on Saturday, going 2-4 and completing his fast rise from single A to the majors in 1 year. I guess we were due for some luck, but it figures he plays the position where we already have a few solid guys in LaRoche and Phelps. Depth at any position is a great thing, but I would not have been opposed to a decent catcher or power hitting third baseman. Speaking of LaRoche, he injured himself playing in the same game and was considered day to day. Why not let Pearce make a start at first? What about letting Phelps and his .321 average get some much needed playing time? Nope, LaRoche trotted out for the next game. appears to have already been taken by someone simply trying to sell the name, but is still available! Someone please get on this.

-Appalachian State knocked off Michigan. Penn State had just finished thumping FIU 59-0 when this game was ending, and a multitude of people stayed in the stadium to watch the game on the TVs in the concourse. Everybody else went back to their tailgates and found the closest guy with a satellite dish. Upon the blocking of the kick you could hear the roar of the approval from every cow field surrounding Beaver Stadium. A very surreal moment.

-Sean from Sean's Ramblings sent us Sportsline's ranking of baseball organizations. Last on the list? The Pirates, of course. Hard to argue, especially when the judgement is based on a, "gut-feel take on which franchises have their crap together."

-Seth over at Empty-Netters found a youtube clip of 24 different goal horns from throughout the NHL:

The new arena better have an amazing horn. They should put one on the outside of the arena too, so throughout the land everyone will know when they score a goal. How amazing would that be if you were stuck doing anything non-Penguins related and heard the horn in the distance, and knew that all was right in the world?

With the start of the NFL season upon us, I know we're rolling out some new feature(s). Can't remember if we have more than one, but we are very excited that the dearth of summer sporting news is over. We hope you're pumped as well.

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