Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Little Bit of Everything

-First, we here at Doubt About It want to wish tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson over at Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies a happy half-birthday. For the next two weeks, starting 2 days ago, PSaMP will be featuring a guest blogger to write something about Pittsburgh sports and provide a mini pony of the day. We were kindly asked to contribute a column, which was run on the site yesterday. I know I've been slacking off lately with the columns, but for the first time in a few weeks I wrote something more than a few disjointed paragraphs, plus there is a picture of a cheerleader. What more do you need? Tecmo is going to be having much much more famous bloggers than us on tap, so be sure to check it out everyday.

-Picks Results (This Week..... Overall):

Pat: 9-6 ..... 18-11
'Stache: 11-4 ..... 17-12
PS3: 10-5 .... 16-13
Sam: 9-6 ..... 15-14
J. Anthony: 8-7 ..... 13-16
Dreamcast: 5-10 .... 12-17

The two accuscores both went above .500, with Harmon at 6-5 and actual Accuscore at 7-4. Figures.

The only thing that is going to be really annoying is if Wannstache wins this thing. Honestly, I don't mind if I get beaten by an 8 year old video game machine, I just don't want to lose to the 'Stache. If he ends up in first and the Lions win their division we will never hear the end of it. The Lions pick wasn't even that gutsy.

I'm calling you out right now, Wannstache. If you beat me in the picks this year, I'll buy you a handle of whatever disgusting vodka you're drinking these days. And no, Grey Goose is not disgusting. If I win you have to post your first name on the site. You're move.

-I sent out an email to the DAI writers and a few others about attending the Ice Bowl in Buffalo. Then I checked ticketmaster around 12:30 to check prices and found they were already sold out, even though the tickets went on sale two and a half hours before then. I couldn't believe it, nor could I forgive myself for waiting. Then Pat informed me that only 41,000 of the 72,000 seats went on sale, and that Bills and Sabres season ticket holders and other NHL people would have dibs next. So that kind of sucked, but gave hope. No matter what, though, we're going. Someway. Somehow. Let us know if you were one of the lucky few to get seats or will be making the trip anyway. A DAI tailgate may be in order, replete with Ladder Golf.

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1 comment:

Dave Wannstache said...

Wait a second, you're criticizing me for picking the Lions? Not ballsy enough? Are you serious?

The Lions have perpetually sucked for most of the past 10 years. No one expected them to do shit this year. I saw maybe a couple 2nd place finishes, but mostly 3rd and 4th, as usual.

Come on, if you want to criticize someone's pick, then look at Pat's. He picked a Jags team that went 8-8 last year and who many predicted would make the playoffs this year.