Friday, September 21, 2007

Just How Far Under the Radar Can the Steelers Fly?

If this sounds like a pessimistic post, well, then maybe you are catching onto my style. It's not that I am not optimistic about the Steelers chances this year, but I will eternally be wary of the team that is given too much praise for early/mid season accomplishments (see: that 100 win Mariners teams, the supposedly "good" Colts teams, the 2006 Dallas Mavericks, Iceland in D2, the Chicago Bears almost every year, etc.). I HATE being the team that everyone is talking about early in the season. Hate it. In the past week, PTI has asked if the Steelers are better than the Patriots or Colts, Bill Simmons has suggested in a podcast that they are a sleeping giant, and virtually every power rankings I can find has us in the top 5.

For some fans, maybe this is a good thing. I mean, yeah, I loved 2004 when the Steelers were the lead story of SportsCenter every night and I became plumply saturated on fluffy Big Ben montages. But I didnt love burying my head in my hands as Rodney Har....ok, you know.

FORTUNATELY (and yes, there is a fortunately in this article), the current NFL season seems constructed in such a way that it coud be possible that the Steelers avoid the media blitz associated with success in the NFL. Even if they happen to go on a little undefeated stretch here (which normally would prompt the "HEY, LOOK AT THE STEELERS!" pieces), it is very likely that the Colts and Patriots will do the same, thus negating the media pressure put on the whole production.

What's that? You doubt the importance of media pressure? Well, when Rex Grossman heard in his ear all year that he would probably be the reason the Bears don't win it all and he got ready to take the opening snap for the Bears in Super Bowl XLI, I'm pretty damn sure he had a fleeting moment of thought that went something like: oh shit.

The NFL is SO off-kilter this season, though, that I feel as if the Steelers could very easily slip under the radar. You've heard everyone complain about the overdone coverage of CameraGate and Vick and PacMan and everything. Well here is the first plea for MORE COVERAGE. I want more. 24/7. Bring it on. Show Belichick stalking the sidelines 20 times an hour. Show Vick walking from a courtroom until we have every last step memorized. Hell, give me more OJ. Of course, I don't want bad things to happen. but if they are happening, let's hype 'em. Anything to take the glare off the fact that the Steelers have the second best rushing attack, third best pass defense, fifth best run defense, and the fact that they haven't played anyone. Here's hoping that the Steelers casually slide into the playoffs at 10-6 or something and everyone is saying, man where did these guys come from?

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I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...

So i read the article from the beginning....the minute i saw "D2", i knew u wrote this article. lets get drunk tomorrow night.