Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ice Bowl Analysis

I'm getting lots of feedback about this whole Ice Bowl/Winter Classic/Outdoor Game Ticket Situation. The best analysis I have seen so far is from, not surprisingly, Seth over at EmptyNetters. Check through his last few posts to get a good feel for how this thing has shaken out.

And let me just say the obvious: there is noooooooo reason to panic over this. As my dad (a Hall of Fame scalper back in the day when it was very easy to do so) has always told me, the closer it is to game time, the easier it is to get cheap tickets. And besides, let's look at this rationally. It is going to be freezing out. The worst seats are a mile away from the ice. It is New Years Day. If you think corporate big wigs and casual fans are holding onto those tickets, then you are N-U-T-S. Yes, these are two rabid hockey markets, but there are many, MANY mitigating factors here. There will be tickets. DAI will be there. And that is a guarantee you can take to the bank (unlike the Lions to cover the spread, stache).
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