Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hit This Shit...and then email it to a friend.

While the boys at DAI get their shit together, Pirate In Search of Nutting's Chest is going to help keep it real.

For every poor soul out there, at work or in school...PiSoNC is here to help you procrastinate, heal, and get your mind back to what it was suppose to be doing.

Here are ...... PiSoNC's favs.

Apparently the Boston Globe isn't a fan of Dan Duquette as the Pirates new CEO.

....and apparently those in Dallas believe Jim Tracy will keep his job.....

Apple has some new shit coming out...and the iPhone is cheaper

Bill Cowher is enjoying retirement....with new fling Kim Russ.

Some tidbits about the Steelers new defensive scheme ....

And last but not least....Michael Vick isn't the only one in the NFL with pit bulls...this blog reminds us of that

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Anonymous said...

Cowher is such an arrogant jagoff. He must really think we're all a bunch of idiots when he says he won't return to coaching next year. I believe that about as much as I believed that he wouldn't resign at the end of last year, or that he resigned because he wanted to spend more time with his family. It's all about the $$$, and he'll have 10 million reasons to return to the NFL next year.

He also picks the Steelers to finish third in the division this year. I think that's a bit of wishful thinking on his part. How embarrassed will he be if a rookie head coach takes over his team and gets better results out of them in his first year than he did as the defending Super Bowl champions?

Anonymous said...

He;s starting to show who he really is. Why not just pick them to finish first? Would it really be that tough just to show a little love?

Anonymous said...

Because that would entail admitting that he let the team underachieve last year, something Cowher and his ego would never do. It would also entail admitting that another coach could get better results from the same players than the Greatest Head Coach of All Time, something else Cowher and his ego would never do.