Saturday, September 1, 2007

UPDATED: The Curse of Randle El is (hopefully) over

The Steelers traded for Allen Rossum. He is capabale of doing things like this:

That was also probably the last time Notre Dame scored a touchdown, so he must be a legend in South Bend(over).

As I alluded to in the comments elsewhere, it is Saturday night and we are heading out, but good lord what an unexpectedly delightful sports day. Next week is normally the one people get amped up for, but this was superb: Michigan loses, ND gets embarassed, the US Open delivers some entertaining tennis, the Steelers make interesting cuts, PisoNC and Pat's sleeper picks make some moves (goodbye Allen Rossum and Byron Leftwich), USA basketball is playing a moderately exciting game against Puerto Not a good time of year for weekend productivity.

Many, many articles to follow....

UPDATE: Really? 8.5 signing bonus for Kendall Simmons? And why does Bouchette keep referring to him as Mr.? Wow, what a sports weekend. So many things. I didnt even mention that Verrrrnnnnooonn Haynes got cut, prompting the following text from the 'stache: "well, they should retire #34". I dont think everyone fully understands how much he loves Haynes. And Jon Dekker got cut, ending a long running inside joke about Bill Cowher's daughter that we will share and put to rest on Monday.

Get ready people. This week we hit full gear. I havent been this excited since Jeff Reed told the 'stache he was going to kick 60 FGs this year.

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Dave Wannstache said...

This might be drunk speak, but the addition of Rossum probably means Willie Gay gets deactivated on gameday.

I was fine with Reid as KR and PR, so I don't know what to make of this trade. Whatever... I need to pass out.