Monday, September 24, 2007

Black (and gold) Sunday

As you can probably infer from the NFL Picks chart, I didn't have a stellar week this week. I am gradually beginning to come to the sobering realization that picking NFL games en masse is a complete crapshoot. I've always done reasonably well when I place money on an isloated game that I had a strong intestinal pull towards, but the full slate of games just looks so daunting.

There are many reasons that the economic/cultural monster known as the NFL churns forward every year, leaving stories of skepticism, cheating, and PacMan in its wake. But one reason, for me at least, centers around the impossibility of picking all these games correctly. In the same way that picking a perfect NCAA bracket (or even the Final Four most years) is a pipe dream, picking a perfect week in the NFL is almost unheard of. The nice part is, obviously, that while we wait a full year for March Madness (SPONSORED BY CBS AND APPLEBEES!), the NFL feeds our addiction for almost two entire calendar seasons.

So while many will be waiting to see if the Patriots go undefeated this year, I will be waiting anxiously to see if one of our writers or guest writers can bottle the perfect gambling storm and run the table for a week. Will it happen? No. But I am going to watch for it, and that is all the NFL needs.

In other news, the Steelers played yesterday. You can pretty much read last week's tidbits about the game. Or the week before that. The only difference yesterday was that I made roughly 20 calls yesterday concerning Allen Rossum and my brother's escapades while trying to scalp a parking pass.

I'll let the stache give you his post game thoughts, but before signing off, let's take a look at the Sleeper picks....

Pat's Jags: 1-1
Sam's Radiers: 1-2
Wanny's Lions: 2-1 (and hurting)
PisoNC's Falcons: calling up Wanny to see if he wants to play QB

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Anonymous said...

From Grunk11,

not that this has anything to do with the steelers, but at the momemnt i'm rather bored with the teams they are beating up on, so i think it's worth noting the recent poll espn ran on their hockey page, you guys should run an article ~

Sam said...

It looks like the URL didn't copy completely. Send us an email or try posting again and we'll throw it up in a post.