Friday, September 14, 2007

Before We Start Talking Picks...

If you are a Pittsburgh sports fan and you work elsewhere/go to college elsewhere/live elsewhere, then you regularly encounter sports fans from other cities. I remember once being stuck at an airport and talking to someone from Indianapolis who said "Oh yeah man, everyone loves the Colts back home". You nod, say that they have a good team, and BS for a little while. But in reality, you know that there is no chance that their sports franchises mean as much to them as they do in Pittsburgh.

Evidence to support this theory is starting to surface in the blogging world. If you are a Pens fan, then please, for your own good, go over to the Faceoff Factor. They prove my theory right. I mean, who else is doing an in-depth, NINE PART, PRE-SEASON NHL spread? Phenomenal stuff from them.

Excluding the part written by Doubt About It of course. When will those guys stop talking about Earl Mann and championship videos?
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