Friday, August 24, 2007

Where Did Your Steelers Spend Their Offseason: Part II

In a previous post, fellow writer Pirate in Search of Nutting's Chest made an astute comparison in the likenesses of Steelers offensive guard Kendall Simmons and rapper Rick Ross. Little did we know that there was another hip-hop connection on the Steelers roster:

James Farrior

Irv Gotti

It's Steelers linebacker James Farrior and the head of Murder Inc., Irv Gotti, who has produced tracks for Ja Rule and DMX, among others.

I think Farrior and Simmons need to get together and put out a rap album. It's the obvious next step.


Pat said...

A thin mustache and short hair doesnt mean two guys look alike 'stache

Dave Wannstache said...

Come on, these guys are mirror images of each other.

We have Irv Gotti playing inside linebacker for us.

I Want To Fight Tom Brady said...