Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Welcome to the World of Idiotic Spending

So it seems to be generally agreed upon by those who choose the watch baseball as a profession, either in the business or covering it, that the Matt Morris deal made absolutely no sense whatsoever. I concur. However, ever since the deal took place I've taken a half-glass full approach to thinking about it. From a fan's perspective, this trade was a piece of candy wrapped in a turd sandwich. First the negatives:

-Littlefield was housed on the deal. No doubt about it. Everyone was asking for the Giants to pick up a part of Morris' contract, and then Littlefield came in and offered to assume all of it and give them a player with potential to be a contributor off the bench. Based on the circumstances, Littlefield probably had failed to deal any of the relievers or Jack Wilson as the deadline approached. He went to plan C, giving way to much for a pitcher with a recognizable name, in order to try and save his job.

-Morris has been on the decline for several years now, and just finished an atrocious month. This reeks of the patented declining players that Pirates' GMs have signed in the past.

-We still have Jack Wilson.

Now for the positives:

+Ignoring the means in which he was acquired, or the money paying him, Morris is an upgrade over Duke/Van Benschoten/Armas.

+We just traded for a guy who immediately becomes the highest paid Pirates' player in the history of the organization. A weird distinction considering he'll be the 4th or 5th starter. But I advise everyone to just sit back and enjoy the fact that Nutting just opened up his chest and threw money at the problem. It was a stupid trade, but at least for the first time the owners made some type of decision that expressed their unhappiness with the situation and that they wanted to fix it. These ridiculous splurges in money are similar to what other clubs do. I feel like we've entered into the financial world of almost every other team in the majors, if only for an instant. It gave a sortof superficial reassurance. Will this spending continue, probably not, but one can hope that this is a change in a philosophy by the Nuttings.

+Daniel Moskos, Tony Armas, Matt Morris, Chris Young, Aramis Ramirez...all names that should bring nightmares to Littlefield. Everyone keeps bringing up Wieters in the wake of this trade, and rightfully so, but why keep beating a dead horse? Littlefield is an idiot, we knew that before the draft, him choosing to sign an old pitcher instead of a potential franchise player should come as no surprise. It's all a sunk cost though. He will be fired by the new CEO, it seems all but assured now. The Pirates will go into next season with a new CEO and GM, hopefully two men who know baseball and can judge talent considerably better than their predecessors. If we get really lucky we might even end up with a new coaching staff.

The season is shot and we made many poor personnel decisions in the this past year. Does this trade make sense? No. Does it hurt? Again, no, the guys is still a decent pitcher making way too much money. If we can't push most of Wilson's contract onto the Tigers, then Morris' contract will likely handcuff us going into next year. What if we can get rid of Wilson, though? If the Nuttings make this type of monetary commitment to the team a trend, we can at least be optimistic about having optimism at the beginning of next year.

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