Friday, August 17, 2007

A Very Worthy Scoop Jackson Read

One thing I do as a reader (a reader, not a blogger) is that if I disagree with someone or think their stuff is garbage, I always continue to keep reading them. Maybe it was just a tense issue, maybe it was a quick deadline...whatever the case, I always try to keep reading and discover why I don't like them or why I had such an adverse reaction to them.

If you recall, I was pretty harsh towards Scoop Jackson recently. Very harsh. But sticking to my theory, I kept reading. And I am glad I did.

This might be the best piece I have read concerning the "what has happened to sports" debate that has been raging all summer. SI has featured two crappy columns just summarizing all the horrible events. Bill Simmons basically said "this is almost as bad as the summer when baseball went on strike and video games hadnt been created yet!". Granted, I dont read everything, but I read alot, and I havent seen too many poignant, creatve takes on the "Sour Summer in Sports".

Scoop's piece is a fresh of breath air, and I mean that. Everyone is so busy saying "oh woe is me, look at all these horrible things! look at these athletes! look at these leagues!" that they are missing the point. Scoop, in my estimation, is saying this: "look, sports involve politics and politics are ugly. athletes will always be athletes and it will often get ugly. but get up off your damn ass and DO something". So many times I have seen Sports Center or a newspaper column feature a story dealing with "The Sports World Turned on Its Head" or some other hyperbole. "The Sports World", as Scoop so sufficiently reminds us, does not simply encompass home run kings, NBA officials, and Atlanta Falcons quarterbacks. Widen the scope and you'll see that 'The Sports World" seems so saturated with evil because the media wants it that way.

Remember taking the SAT? You always want to be skeptical of the answers that say words like "always, never, all, every, none". You know, the extremes. A major thanks to Scoop for helping us find a better answer.

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Seth said...

I hear you. I am a Scoop hater too but this was a good article.

For shameless self-promotion, I got to do the cover for the magazine I work for and its related to this issue.