Thursday, August 23, 2007

US Open Links Because I Can (UPDATED)

Being a tennis enthusiast, I couldn't let another day go by without mentioning the fact that the US Open is nearing. I have been to a long list of major sporting events, and the US Open continually proves to be one of the most entertaining and exciting to attend. So here are a few tennis links to get you stamped (that is a cross between stoked and amped...learn it, use it, spread it)...

- Novak Djokovic is a young Serb that is taking the tennis world by storm. Additionally, Novak Djokovic is kinda becoming a YouTube phenomenon.

- See? He really does like to sing.

- And imitate other players.

- Great peice by Greg Garber on the grueling career of Michael Russell. I strung rackets once for him at a tournament in Pittsburgh - very cool guy and just an absolute bulldog on the court. The best line in the article comes from his dad, and it basically sums up being a journeyman on the ATP tour: "Most dream to win...he dreams to compete".

- The Open is coming. Wertheim is ready as always.

- UPDATED: I was just sent another Novak Djokovic clip. I know, you all think I am crazy. You've never heard of him and think I am trying to make up this whole phenomenon. But when strange Serbian commercials are involved, the phenomenon is self-created.
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